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Hair Extensions Essay

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This research paper will discuss some of the history of cosmetics and new trends and types of cosmetics in the fashion industry and different types of hair extensions. Would you ever guess that film makeup started back when there was black and white movies?
One type of cosmetic in the fashion industry would be eyelash extensions, or fake eyelashes. Eyelash extensions have been around since 1916 , but recently have become a trend. The first fake eyelashes were made of human hair and were made for an actress to wear in a movie. Fake eyelashes can be made from human hair or from synthetic materials. There are two different kinds of fake eyelashes. There are temporary and eyelash extensions, The main difference is that the adhesive or glue, that comes with them last a longer or shorter amount of time. When choosing what type of false eyelashes you want you can choose between thin or thick, long or short, or even the color of the eyelashes . Eyelash extension prices can be from five dollars to five hundred dollars. The price depends on the quality and make of the eyelashes. False eyelashes can be used for personal use, special occasions , movies , modeling Etc. Some people use eyelashes for little girls between the ages of 4-9 for beauty pageants. Another thing about false eyelashes is that you can have a professional put them on! There are such people called “ Lash Stylist” or “Lash Technicians” that specialize in the field of eyelash extensions.Certain companies provide training for false eyelashes and some provide a certification .
Corrective makeup is one of the most widely used makeup techniques used today. Some people call corrective makeup “cosmetic camouflage” . Corrective makeup is the application of makeup to hide or conceal areas of the face or body. People can specialize and become very good in corrective makeup by learning different face shapes, different eye shapes, prominent and non prominent foreheads and chins. In corrective makeup it is important to know what colors neutralize each other and what colors do not look right together. Some things corrective makeup are used to cover up are birthmarks, the skin condition rosacea, burns, scars, unwanted tattoos, and other things people may want to hide. Corrective makeup can also be used to enhance good features of the face or body. When planning on doing corrective makeup you need the right supplies. For corrective makeup you should always have lip lining pencils, different shades of foundations and concealers, different color eye shadows , and translucent powders. When doing corrective makeup it is always important to know what to pay close attention to when working with different areas of the face. When working with eyes , decide whether the eyes are set close together or far apart ,and if they are wide or narrow ,and depending on the color of the eyes what color eye shadow you should use. For eyebrows, always take into mind what face shape the person has. A high arched eyebrow...

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