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According to Relevant Research, Inc and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States were experiencing hair loss as of July 2013. Hair loss can have many causes and subsequently there are many solutions. People experiencing hair loss will go to great measures to reverse their hair loss. 47% of hair loss suffers said they would give up their life savings to regain a full head of hair and 60% said they would rather have more hair than money or friends. With those statistics, it is no surprise that that the worldwide revenue for surgical hair restoration alone is $1.87 billion. However, not all hair loss solutions are a match ...view middle of the document...

Both genetics and environmental factors play a role in androgenetic alopecia and many of the causes are still unknown. However, androgenetic alopecia does tend to cluster in families and having a close relative with patterned hair loss seems to be a risk factor for developing the condition.
The second most common type of hair loss is telogen effluvium. Effluviums commonly affect different phases of the hair growth cycle. Hair follicles on the scalp do not constantly produce hair. The follicles cycle through a growth stage that can last two or more years, they then revert to a resting stage for up to two months before starting to grow new hair again. At any time on a healthy scalp about 80% to 90% of the hair follicles are growing hair. This active stage of hair growth is called the anagen phase. This also means that at any given time 10% to 20% of the follicles on the scalp are in a resting stage called telogen, where they are not producing any hair. Telogen effluvium occurs when there is a significant change in the number of hair follicles in the anagen phase. When this happens, more hair is in the telogen phase, which results in telogen effluvium, or shedding. The cause of this type of hair loss is not always easy to discover, as it may be a result of stress, postpartum alopecia, vaccinations, extreme or quick weight loss, physical trauma and/or diet. Fortunately, people experiencing telogen effuvium will not suffer permanent hair loss because it is fully reversible and they will not completely lose their hair but rather they may see their hair become much thinner. . Most people suffering form telogen effuvium will see a full head of hair again in 6 months to a year naturally after the trigger causing the hair loss is removed or discontinued.
The third most common type of hair loss is alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease where a person’s own immune system views the hair follicles as a threat and attacks them. This hair loss occurs on the scalp in well-defined patches. People with alopecia areata often have hair their hair grow back but it may fall out again in repeated cycles of loss and re-growth, sometimes the hair loss lasts for many years. Alopecia areata can occur very suddenly, developing in a matter of a few days. It is not contagious; you cannot catch it from someone who suffers from it. Many specialists believe that alopecia areata is triggered by stress although there is very little scientific support. Extreme stress might trigger alopecia areata in some people, but more recent studies show that genes can also be involved. Some researchers believe there are a wide variety of contributing factors that can make someone more likely to suffer from alopecia areata, such as hormones, allergies, viruses and even toxins.
With a better understanding of some of the most common types of hair loss, what causes them, and how they affect a person it is easier to decide which of the many type of hair loss solutions is best...

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