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Hair Style As A Sign, Speaks Of The Importance Of Style And Appearance In The Business Society

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In a thirty story building located in the high-class section of New York City, a multi-million dollar security hedge fund has an office suite. In this office on Park Avenue, I spent my past two summers working for the company ********. I obtained an interview through a referral, and the job was offered to me on the spot. My responsibilities included controlling all aspects of their computer operations. One day last summer, I was notified a new employee would start the next day. The following day I woke up for a usual day at the office. I showered, shaved, and got dressed in my appropriate attire: sports jacket, white button down shirt, tie, khaki pants, and loafer shoes. I commuted into the city and proceeded to the office. I entered the building and gave my name and destination (Suite 801) as usual. After being directed towards a specific elevator, I traveled to the eighth floor, and sat at my desk. An hour later, my boss introduced me to the new stock analyst, Jonathan. He was dressed in a gray suit with a plain tie and nice shoes. He had long reddish hair that look like he did not comb it after waking up. Jonathan was given a series of standard instructions from my boss, but there was one last instruction that stuck in my mind, '... and by the way, get a haircut.' This really shocked me at first. Why would an employer concern himself with an employee's hair style? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a person's hair style is a sign of the business world culture.Many things are distinctive about a business environment. Looking back at this event and all of my experiences at this job, each detail contributes to the business environment. First of all, is the appearance of the employees. A person who works in a business environment must have a certain hair style. If the worker is male, he must be cleanly shaven or have nicely groomed facial hair. He must also be dressed appropriately. There is a selection of different wardrobes that is considered appropriate for a person to wear. Another area in the business environment is people's behavior. People must have a certain attitude towards their work and to each other. As far as their work goes, they must be as efficient as possible. For the interaction between employees, they must be professional and respectful. Then there is the building and the office. A person gets the feeling from a business environment that the business is trying to show off its wealth. In this instance, from the second you step into the building you see that there are details that are unnecessary but are still there to add to the environment. For example, a doorman checks every person that enters the building. Then they direct you to specific elevators to go to specific floors. In the office itself, everything is very organized and expensive. Every one of these restrictions and all of the additions from the building and office combine to create the business environment, and each one is a sign of business...

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