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The Probelms With Haiti Essay

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Haiti has delt with many hardships since they decolonized from France. It began slowly, using its natural resources to try and resurect itself. In the end all that they did was wind up in a further economic deficit, and are left with few resources. As the conditions in Haiti worsened, their education, economy and health care suffered, but this was only the beginning. In 2010 Haiti experienced a disasterous earthquake, because Haiti was already in debt they did not have the money to help their citizens to regroup after the earthquake. Many countries reached out, and tried to help Haiti, but little could be done because of the vast deterioation of the country. The money given to Haiti greatly helped for the short term, but they ran out of the resources that were given to them fast, and they were left to fend for themselves again. This lead to the country further declining, and due to the earthquake Haiti's infastruction was destroyed, their average percent of improved sanitation facilities being used was seventeen percent. In Haiti, because of the earthquake and their financial crisis the 58% of Haitian children are malnourished, 80% of the haitian population is below the poverty line, and 58%of their population does not have access to clean water. Along with the health of their nation, their economy has massively suffered, Haiti's GDP per capita is one thousand and three hundred dollars. That ranks Haiti with the 209th lowest GDP per capita, the lowest being Kosovo at 229th. Haiti's education statitcs are also very low, as kids grow older the percent of them attending school vastly decreases. From primary school where 85% kids attended to secondary school where the percents diminished to 18% of males, and 21% of females attending. Due to the few numbers of people pursuing secondary education Haiti is not advancing and growing into a more intellectual country. They are stuck because they cannot have food and education.
A successful state ussually is economically stable, has peace and security, has self determination, and is able to help other countries in need. Haiti does not have...

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