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Haiti: A Literature That’s Been Lost

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Haiti: A Literature That’s Been Lost
From the beautiful mountain ranges to the two major lakes, Lake Azeul and Lake Miragoane with nothing but dirt roads in between. Haiti’s coastline is the second longest in the Caribbean and its also the size of Maryland (“Haiti 2”). Haiti dominates one-third of the island Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic (“Haiti 2”). The world should appreciate Haiti because of their wonderful literature, culture and impact on the world.
Authors Of Haiti
Being as famous as she now is, most people wouldn’t of known Edwidge Danticat was born into a poor family, like many Haitians. Her relatives raised her when her parents migrated to the US. (Antell) While living in Haiti, she remembers story telling as her favorite pastime. (Antell) She spoke Haitian Creole, which is a language that is based off French and African languages. (Antell) Danticat began writing as a teenager and she kept journals with her writing in them (Antell). But, during high school, the journals she had been writing in she gave up for a high school publication that would become her later novel Breath, Eyes, Memory (Antell). Later on, when she returned to Brooklyn, to live with her parents, She got her first two books published in 1994 and 1995. The critics loved her after all of this. (Antell) She is still well known today for all of her work.
While all Danticat wanted to accomplish was writing; Her parents wanted her to be a nurse. (Antell) Her books were known across the country and even in Haiti. Danticat’s most well known book; Krik?Krack! is filled with stories she was told when she was young in Haiti. She placed the characters as if her stories were in historic settings that represented violent and political situations that Haiti actually had. (Antell) Even in many of her other books, the problems of power in Haiti and Haitians upbringing is a common theme. Especially in her book: A Wall of Fire Rising. (Antell). In all of Danticat’s work, characters reflect how the Haitian culture and how lives actually are. (Antell)

Arts & Literature
Literature is very important for people in Haiti. They have wonderful literature. It’s all based on their storytelling. Their art was influenced along with their literature. Storytelling to them was used to keep the history and to give comfort for anyone in need (“Haiti 1”). Africa, France and local Caribbean speakers influenced their art and eventually their literature (“Haiti 1”). Africa and France also influenced their language (“Haiti 1”). Haitians created a new type of art. (“Haiti 1”) Then what had followed included, new music, dances and literature. (“Haiti 1”) Many of their literature works stemmed from their art, music, dances, storytelling and folk tales. Folk tales are also important to them in Haiti. Haitian Creole proverbs are old says and written words that were passed down as lessons. (“Haiti 1”) One of the most common ones is Ti Malis. (“Haiti 1”) Storytelling and folk tales...

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