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Haiti: What Is Still Known As A Global Issue

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Haiti: What is Still Known as a Global Issue
Haiti, once “officially known as the Republic of Haiti” (Citation 1), inhabits a third of the Island known as Hispaniola in which sits between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It is neighbors to the Dominican Republic, and has a population of close to 10 million people; in which 95% of its population is African American and the other 5% are Caucasian. For over more than a century Haiti has had its share of issues, resulting in turmoil and tragedy; issues such as: “Natural disasters, poverty, racial discord, and political instability” (Citation 1). When it comes to political forces within the government, Haiti has had its fair share. Due to the lack in “political instability,” citizens are forced to be subdued to a hierarchy of presidential abuse of power (dictatorship), corruption, and lack of governance.
Haiti has the typical three branches of government: executive, legislative and judiciary. The executive powers are shared between the President and Prime Minister; in which the Prime minister is in charge of the government. With a bicameral parliament, legislative power is dedicated to the National Assembly and the Senate. The parliament is the only legislative entity or executive body that has the right to amend the constitution. To make this combination of powers work, the constitution has set in place a group of individuals outside that of either branch to form a "Reconciliation Commission," whose responsibilities where to mediate between the legislative and executive branches as they see fit to reach a common goal and or conclusion. The Court of Cassation is the overseeing body of all constitutional laws, including the legal system (Judicial Powers) in which consists of “the Speaker of the National Assembly, the President and the Vice President of the Electoral Council and two members nominated by the Chief of State” (Citation 2). The main source of Haiti’s overall evolvement relies on government, with a...

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