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Halfway House Proposal Essay

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Cost Estimate Project: Safe-future Halfway House
The Safe-future Halfway House will be a center specifically designed for recently incarcerated young men, ages 16-21 years old in Yonkers, NY. This center will be dedicated to the safe transition and readjustment of this vulnerable group into general society. In-House services will be available from 7am-6pm. Safe-future Halfway House will accommodate residents for one year of continuous “clean time.” This will determine our success rate.
Service Count:
According to the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), in 2012, Westchester County incarcerated 213 juvenile delinquents (source, Office of Children and Family Services). Historically, New York State (NYS) has bolstered expenditures on the complex prison system. According to the Correctional Association of New York, irrational prison spending has quickly surpassed expenditures geared towards higher education: “Almost fifteen years ago the Correctional Association of New York documented how New York’s governors and politicians had rapidly increased prison funding while cutting funding to higher education” (source, Binghamton Justice Project). Based on this information, senior management team members at Safe-future Halfway House are interested in the educational advancement of our at-risk youth; we will accomplish this by providing educational services and resources. The Safe-future Halfway House can only accommodate 5 clients and one Residence Manager. Ultimately, the center’s goal is to create a comfortable, supportive environment for all clients and staff members.

WBS Hierarchy

Work Breakdown Structure:
There are three major activities illustrated in the work breakdown structure. These major activities include the following: in-house health services, GED program and back office management. All major activities are distinguishably different and will be administered by a qualified, credentialed workforce. As a newly established center, we will need to create a reputable facility that bolsters values of trust, clear communication and explicit expectations.

In-House Health Services: Safe-future Halfway House will contract with adept health professionals for delivery of quality health services. Firstly, we seek to hire and retain one licensed psychologist that will work part-time (varying, two days per week). Each session will be three hours. The licensed psychologist will have at least three years of work experience and facilitate small group and individual counseling sessions. Secondly, we will hire and retain a full-time Registered Nurse/Residence Manager. This candidate must be a licensed RN with a BSN as well as experience in an administrative and/or supervisory role. Both positions require bilingual candidates in English and Spanish languages.

GED Program: We are seeking to hire and retain one bilingual GED Instructor that will deliver instruction...

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