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Hall Of Fame: 'lift Me Up'

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Have you ever wondered where all the 'Greats' have gone? Well, I know for a fact that a majority of them live on in the memories that lie in the Bronx Community College Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was originated in late 1800 to the early 1900 when our college was New York University. It's amazing how many people they have in this magnificent monument. The Hall of Fame has everyone from authors, educators, architects, inventors, military leaders, judges, theologians, philanthropists, humanitarians, scientists, statesmen, artists, musicians, actors, and explorers. I truly believe that it is incredible. I have learned so much about our history from just taking a little stroll. One thing that I don't like about the Hall of Fame is that there is a lack of diversity, but I can't blame them. Just look at the years the Hall of Fame was conceived. To be honest, I was surprised to see as many black heroes in the Hall of fame as I did.Time has changed, we are now in 2006, and I believe that the Hall of Fame need a "lift me up". You see, over the years new and improved heroes have came about which deserve to be nominated in the hall of fame. To be eligible for nomination, a person must have been a native born or naturalized citizen of the United States must have been dead for 25 years and must have made a major contribution to the economic, political, or cultural life of the nation. One thing I might change in the way the nominees get nominated is the length in time someone need to be dead and the fact that the nominee needs to be a citizen. I do agree that one should have made a major contribution to the nation. Now a day, there are so many people that should be nominated. Some people would say a poet such as Maya Angelou, a performer such as Alvin Ailey, or even freedom fighters such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X should be in the hall of fame and yes I agree. Maya Angelou was a beautiful black woman who wrote lovely poetry and inspired million of people. Alvin Ailey was a pioneer who stared his own dance company, who wanted diversity in his dances and dancers; he opened up a lot of opportunities for people. Martin Luther King, Jr. was among one the best-known Civil Rights leaders. He believed that the black community could and should unite with white folks and live in peace. Malcolm X was part of the "Black Panthers"; a revolutionary group of educated blacks took up arms against a cause they believed was worth dying for. All these people have done great things for our nation and I'm grateful but I personally will nominate Pedro Albizu Campos as well as Earvin "Magic" Johnson.Pedro Albizu Campos was the most prominent Puerto Rican political figure of the 20th century, a National Hero who sacrificed his life for the freedom of his country. Under his direction, the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico became a major force in the fight for independence. Pedro was...

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