Halloween Makeup Informative Speech

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NAME: Allison BinderSPEECH #: SPEECH TITLE: How to Do a Halloween MakeupGENERAL PURPOSE: To InformSPECIFIC PURPOSE(S):To inform my audience how to pick who or what makeup you want to do.To inform my audience how to pick the makeup you should use.To inform my audience how to apply the makeup and become your character.CENTRAL IDEA:Halloween makeup is all about self-expression and having fun being someone or something you aren't for a night.SUPPORTING MATERIALSSOURCE(S):PinterestVISUAL AID(S):My makeup/ makeup kitSlide show of my makeup and examples of makeup from pinterestOUTLINEI. IntroductionAttention Getting Device - Who among us would like to let out our inner zombie or vampire or even cat by becoming someone completely different than who you are every other normal day?Preview - On Halloween we have the chance to show people what we are capable of creating. WE get the chance to show off our clever and different sides.I will show you how to do so through helping you decide who or what you should be, picking the perfect makeup to use and how to apply it with ease.II. BodyHow do you pick who or what you want to be for Halloween?Don't be afraid to go outside the box or even just out of your comfort zone, this holiday is based solely on being unique, creepy and adventurous.1.Many people don't feel the need to go very dramatic and big with their costumes and that's totally fine, but you can always find away to spice them up and make them better than just average, simple things that you can easily spice up are zombies, vampires, cats etcetera. Adding simple touches like blood or just extra colors can make costumes pop.2. If you're willing to dedicate some time and a lot of effort you can pull off a really impressive makeup. If you really want to showcase your love and talent for Halloween makeup you can do all sorts of specific characters from TV shows, movies or difficult animals.How do you pick...

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