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Halls Of Fear Essay

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Halls of Fear
School violence casts a huge shadow on the world today; the average of mass shootings for one year has tripled. As stated by Kimberly Hefling from the Washington Times newspaper, there has been at least 12 mass school shootings this school year alone. School violence happens all of the time but can be prevented by talking to the children in schools and by understanding what school violence is and where it derives from.
Everyone has heard the two words “school” and “shootings” in the same sentence way to often. When the parents of today’s children were in school a lockdown drill wasn’t part of their vocabulary. “It struck me that this is now just a part of his life. I think ...view middle of the document...

A child is more likely to bring a gun to school if he or she has other underlying issues in their life whether it be bullying, abuse or misguidance. “Your children who have ridiculed me, who have chosen not to accept me, who have treated me like I am not worth their time are dead… ” (Grapes 2000, 62-63). Eric Harris wrote a suicide note before he and his friend Dylan Klebold opened fire on their high school. Harris is saying that if his peers had ridiculed and bullied him and his friend, they would not have opened fire on their peers. The bullying that occurred for years is the reason why all of those young children died on April 20th 1999. Harris was saying that the cause of his outbreak of violence was because of bullying. “Surely you will try to blame it on the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, or the way I choose to present myself, but no. You need to face the fact that this comes as a result of YOUR CHOICES…. You have taught these kids to not accept what’s different. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG.” (62-63). Another quote from Harris’ suicide note shows that the reason he and Klebold killed fifteen people including themselves was because of the constant bullying and tormenting from their classmates. Writing this to the parents of the victims, Harris is almost giving a warning to all parents not to teach their children to bully and not accept someone who is different. To sum up, in Eric Harris’ suicide note he explains bullying is what caused Klebold and himself to kill twelve of their peers and a teacher while critically injuring up to thirty others.
School Violence also derives from media like television shows or movies, music, and video games. “Statistics abound on how many thousands of acts of violence the average child will see by the time he or she turns eighteen; the usual reference is 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 separate acts of other types of violence.” (Orr 42). There are going to be over 216,000 acts of violence that will be viewed by a child eighteen or under, more than half of these acts go unpunished. Whether it be a prime-time cop show or a Sunday-morning cartoon there is violence. Take “Tom and Jerry” as an example they are always hurting each other and the violence sometimes includes guns, bombs, and other gruesome violence that is being watched by young children. No matter what television shows or movies a person watches, there will always be at least one scene that involves violence whether it be “friendly” or not.
On April 20th, 1999, at Columbine High School...

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