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Ham, The Space Monkey And Nasa

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Matias Lamberti
Ms. Armuth
10th English
6 March 2014
The Space Monkey Research Paper
The Space Monkey was a good thing because it helped our space exploration and he was the first to send an animal into space. NASA should keep exploring space and do whatever it takes to do it even if that means an animal going through harsh training for preparation to the next mission. The Space Monkey started a fire because it was the first animal in space for the U.S., the training and preparation, helped NASA’s space era, and people were up set for animal cruelty.
The Space Monkey was the first animal into space for the U.S. The Space Monkey was also known as “Ham”, by his close friends and trainers. Then came that final day and that everyone new Ham would make history. “Ham woke up on January 31, 1961 like the average human did that day” (Life). He ate is breakfast and went on to finish the mission he was born to do. “He then boarded a NASA space capsule and was shot into space at thousands of miles per hour he then traveled more than 150 miles above Earth’s surface” (Life). The mission lasted about a little over 15 minutes. After everybody around the world heard about the mission being a success, they started to do the same. NASA and their employees started to train their animals a lot more to be able to make the mission there and back alive. Ham was one of the animals they started to train more and better. He was a quick, easy learner, and had fun with it. “What made Ham so unique and different than all the other animals was that he was trained on how to use the equipment and to stay away from electrical hazards if a malfunction or a circuit board were to overheat or blow up” (Animals in Space). Ham’s trainers worked very hard day after day, week after week on preparing him so he could survive in space, and make history. It was a small price to pay but very rewarding for Ham, his trainers, and NASA in the end.
Just like anyone else trying to get better at something or master a skill it takes years and years of practice. Ham could have never done this without the help of his trainers, family, and NASA. Back in 1961 NASA put a lot of work, money, and time into this project. “NASA failed numerous times at getting monkeys, rockets that would work, and the staff with the knowledge of doing all of this” (Animals in Space). Ham went to training like a mature person he wouldn’t get mad or not do the training he enjoyed it. His trainers said he was very friendly and nice around people.
Ham helped our space era in a big way. He was the first in space for NASA and he was really smart. NASA knew that if Ham had survived that they would put mankind on the moon before anyone else. “NASA picked Ham because he was the closest to human form so if something happened to him NASA would know so they could fix it if...

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