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Hamlet And Laertes As Revengers! Essay

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HAMLET AND LAERTES THE REVENGERS!Revenge is a major theme developed throughout William Shakespeare?s tragic play, Hamlet. Even though there are many deaths in the play, the murder of King Hamlet and Polonius are the most important. Since both of these men were fathers, it was customary and honourable during the Elizabethan times for their sons to avenge their deaths. Hamlet, son of the late King Hamlet, and Laertes, son of Polonius, are confronted by their father?s deaths in different ways, which leads them down different roads when avenging their fathers. Hamlet and Laertes possess different personalities but similar motivations, therefore the ways in which they seek revenge for their fathers? death differ. In the end both men take revenge; there is a feeling that Laertes does not take revenge honestly, which leaves him to die without honouring his father. Hamlet on the other hand fulfills his contempt against his father?s killer because he denounces the king and reveals the truth behind his evil nature.Hamlet is confronted by two of the night watchmen and an old friend, Horatio, who tells him that they have witnessed a ghost like figure that resembles his father. Hamlet appears the next night to confirm the sighting of this nightly figure. After he sees the ghost, Hamlet is positive that it is his father?s spirit. The ghost leads him away from Denmark where ears cannot hear. Hamlet soon learns from the ghost about the cold and bitter truth of his father?s death. The ghost tells Hamlet, ?Tis given out that, sleeping in my orchard, / a serpent stung me?the serpent that did sting thy father?s life/ Now wears his crown.?(I, v, 36-40). Hamlet is devastated by what he learns and swears to take revenge. Even though Hamlet is overwhelmed with contempt towards Claudius for killing his father, he swears not to tell anyone. Hamlet was presented with this information without any hard evidence to conclude a coarse of action. Since he is the only one that knows the truth, he has time to find proof. Hamlet believes he must find evidence of the ghosts? confession before he is willing to take revenge.When Polonius is murdered by Hamlet, Laertes is in Paris attending school. Laertes hears rumours of his father?s untimely death and immediately returns to Denmark to confirm what he has heard. Under the circumstances upon which Laertes heard the news, we can assume he has had little time to think. This is illustrated when he first confronts the king upon his arrival. Laertes states to the king, ? That both worlds I give to negligence? Let come what comes, only I?ll be reveng?d/Most thoroughly for my father? (IV, v, 135-136). Laertes is so emotionally upset that without thought, he is ready to avenge his father. Polonius?s death upsets many people, which heightens Laertes?s emotions. Seeing as he was informed in a sudden manner, he did not have time to find substantial proof of his father?s death.Hamlet is a deep thinker, as he is a student at Wittenberg studying...

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