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Hamlet Angry And Betrayal Essay

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Hamlet was a young man who lost his father the king of Denmark to an early death, therefore; he was grieving his father dead and this type of maddens not in a crazy way because her mother and uncle believed that he was grieving to long over his father death, and only a few months after his father death his mother betrayed he by marrying his uncle his father brother, and Hamlet was angry about that. He felt like his father had just dead and they was disrespecting him by getting married shortly after his death. Then, after all this hurt and betrayal he find out that his father was killed by his uncle, and his mother knew all about it, so now the hurt and betrayal turn in to rage because now he had to revenge his father death. Also, Hamlet loved and care for Ophelia with his heart and soul, and he believed that she love him too, but he find out that she also was betraying him for her father whom work for the king Claudius. Now Hamlet did not know who to trust, and how would he get his revenge for his father. As a young man he has a lot on his mind and he was betrayed, grieving over your father, and find out the person that he loved has betray him too; he fall in depression over all these, but he knew he had to stay strong to get his father revenge. Hamlet was mad, but not the mad like wildly impractical or having foolish ideas, but more in the way of hurt and felt a lot of betrayal from the people he care for; therefore, Hamlet acted like his was going crazy because he did not want Claudius to know that he knew that he killed his father, and to hide the hurt he was feeling.
Hamlet was a teenage boy with lot hormones raging like lot boy do. He gets news about his father death and like any child he was hurting over losing him father. After Hamlet father death he was still grieving him, but his mother and uncle felt like he was grieving to long and Hamlet was upset about this, however; is grieving the death of his father his mother and his uncle get married in a couple of months after his father, and he felt like they were betrayal him, and they was not grieving for his father, they was disrespectful him by getting married so soon after his death. Hamlet had this belief at his parent's happy in their marriage, which leads him to become very angry about his mother marrying his uncle. Hamlet said, [Act 1, scene 2, O God! a beast that wants discourse of reason would have mourn'd longer…, (150) … Within a month, ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears had left the flushing in her galled eyes… (154) ……… But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue (158)]. This show that he was hurt and felt betrayed by his mother also; Hamlet felt that her mother did not care about his father or his feels about the marriage she was wrapped up in her own world. Hamlet believed at he had nobody to turn to because his mother and uncle betrayed him and has father. Then, after all these emotions that he was feeling he find out that his father was murder.

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