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Hamlet, In Over His Head Essay

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Hamlet, while not a man of many actions, is a man of many words. Though like many others, Hamlet gets caught up in the moment; saying or committing himself without fully understanding the consequences or what is going to be entailed. When he is with his father’s ghost, Hamlet promises, “Haste me to know’t, that I with wings as swift. As meditation of the thought of love/May sweep to my revenge.”(1.5.35-37) Hamlet did not keep his word to his father, his actions were not swift nor where they an act of revenge. Hamlet does not strike in an act of revenge, but in an act of anger and self preservation after the murder of his mother. He is hesitant at an opportune time, while the King was ...view middle of the document...

Hamlet is still hesitant to follow through on his promise and slaughter the King, still trying to grasp the idea of the commitment that he has made for revenge.
When different characters are present Hamlet’s tone and opinions change. Comparing Hamlet’s tone and opinion concerning death in Act 4 and Act 5 is a good example. While in Act 4, after hiding Polonius’s corpse, Hamlet is brought before the King. When the King is prying Hamlet for answers of where the corpse is, Hamlet casually says, “Not where he eats but where he is eaten. /Your fat king and you lean beggar is/but variable service-two dishes but to one table.”(4.3. 22, 26-26). His opinion of death soon change when he is in the graveyard with Horatio in Act 5, “Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alex-/ander returned to dust, the dust is earth; of earth/we make loam, and why of that loam here to he/was converted might they stop a beer barrel?”(5.1.216-219). Both conversations are similar in topic, the context and tone of each have changed. While in the presence of the King Hamlet’s tone is hostile, with the only purpose of his words is to get a reaction out of the King. Yet when placed with Horatio, the tone is placid and his words grasp a concept of mortality. It stands to reason that when Hamlet was placed with the ghost of his father, of whom Hamlet is still mourning, Hamlet’s opinions about murder and revenge would sway to try and please his father.

The King was murdered with the haze of anger and a self preservation clouding Hamlet’s mind. In the midst of a duel between Hamlet and Laertes the Queen falls to the ground, after drinking from the cup intended for Hamlet, “The drink, and the drink! I am poisoned.” (5.2.340), dying as soon as the last word has left her lips. Laertes soon reveals to Hamlet that the King was to blame for Queen’s...

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