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Hamlet Is A Happy Man Essay

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What if when writing his plays Shakespeare merely did not intend for the audience to over evaluate every characters intentions, but he simply wanted society to learn from the mistakes of their actions? William Shakespeare will never know how much Prince Hamlet of Denmark’s sanity, emotions, and motives have been discussed over the centuries. “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions,” is a quote by Dalai Lama XIV. The tragedy of Hamlet is not as tragic as most of the audience would like to conceive. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is about Happiness and the audience can assess this through the characters actions.
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The fictitious characters of Shakespeare’s Hamlet wanted to be happy. Claudius, first started it all and would have contrived his joy through materialism and power. He wanted what he was never able to have, because his older brother had the rights to it. Claudius wanted to rule Denmark bad enough which resulted in the death of his brother and the desire to kill Hamlet. “Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother’s death. The memory be green, and that is us befitted,” is the quote Claudius says in Act one, and he is covering his tracks after the audience is first introduced to the King’s ghost. All Claudius wanted was to be like his older brother. Shakespeare may have written a preview of Hamlet that could have presented Claudius being bullied by King Hamlet, and the only way Claudius could have recovered was by killing his brother. Although this is probably not true, the audience has to take in account what drove the characters before the play. The actions of Claudius present that he wanted to be happy through ruling the country of Denmark.
Gertrude, although she is a secondary character, she instigates much of the action in the play. She did not have to marry Claudius right after her husband died. She could have taken the time to mourn with Hamlet for her husband. Without these events there would not be much of a play, would there? Gertrude wanted to make everyone happy. Her brother-in-law wants to...

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