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Rough Draft: Hamlet Personality Essay
Hamlet goes through numerous obstacles from the start of his fathers death until he contemplates life. He is never quite sure of his decisions and his thoughs, though his actions cause us to think more in depth about his intention. Hamlet gives us a sense of present insanity. He is unclear whether these actions and words are on purpose, but they cause us to create a way in which his mind thinks. Hamlet presents us his personality through his sarcasm, his sanity, his suicidal tendencies, and procrastination and indecision.
Hamlet has had a rough time since his father passed; he uses sarcasm to release his anger, share his opinion, and show his newly brewed disgust for his family. Sarcasm is used to develop this play by using examples of how Hamlet views his families’ easy transitions through the death of his father. For example, Hamlet uses a sarcastic remark to show his disgust with his mother for getting over his father so quickly, and going with his uncle Claudius. The statement reads “…A little month, or ere those shoes were old with which she followed my poor father’s body.” (Page 28 Line 147-8) By this, he is saying that she barely broke in her shoes from the funeral before she married Claudius. Since the the wedding followed the funeral by just a little over a month, he is irritated that she could betray his father so quickly. Another example is Hamlet making his anger lucid through his sarcasm. He exclaims to Horatio “...Horatio? Or I do forget myself?” (Page 28 Line 162) By this, he is saying ‘Horatio, is that you?’ because it had been such a long time since they have accompanied each other. He says this neither because he truly doesn’t recognize his good friend nor because he is angry with him, but more on the fact that his timing simply correlates with the wedding plans. He is disappointed that his close friend could feel inclined to supports the wedding. Hamlet also uses sarcasm to express his opinion on the way things are being ran in Elsinore where a time of grief for his father should be present. Hamlet says “And, as he drains his draughts of Rhenish down, the kettle-drum and trumpet thus bray out the triumph of his pledge.” (Page 50 Line 13-15) By this, he is saying that the celebration is basically in effect to supports the kings drinking. In Hamlets opinion, he thinks this practice should be ignored because other countries look down upon Elsinore for this very reason. People tend to use sarcasm when they have no other way of expressing their feelings to people; when people are unable to express themselves to others and hold it in, signs of insanity start to shine through their personalities.
In regards to his family and his fathers murder, Hamlet starts to show signs of insanity through his character. Insanity is displayed through his actions, his statements, and his conversations. Hamlet shows signs of insanity when he presents himself to Ophelia as a hot mess. Ophelia admits to her...

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