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Hamlet Report

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King Hamlet has just died, leaving his son, wife, and kingdom alone. His brother, Claudius, gains the throne and marries the kings widow, Queen Gertrude. Come to find out, Hamlet discovers a ghost by way of some watchmen and Horatio, a great friend of his. The ghost turns out to be none other than King Hamlet's spirit, or so Hamlet believes. Upon this finding, Hamlet is informed by the ghost that Claudius was the one who caused his death and ordered due revenge. He sets off to do just that but is delayed frequently by his contemplative, indecisive personality and becomes very sad, confused, and a little bit crazy.
Claudius and Gertrude appear to be concerned about Hamlets behavior and begin an investigation searching for the cause. Polonius hypothesized that it was his daughter, Ophelia, that has caused this erratic behavior. This causes Claudius to decide on spying on Hamlets dealings with the girl, which only leads him to realize that Hamlet is not really in love with her.
It was then that some actors from abroad come along and Hamlet gets the idea of having them play out the act of murder that Claudius has allegedly been charged for. If Claudius has an abstract or negative attitude or outlook on the performance, then Hamlet would know he was guilty. Hamlet proves to be right as Claudius leaves the performance at the point of the acted out murder.
Hamlet goes to tell his mother in her bedroom. While they are talking, Hamlet notices that a tapestry was rustling and believed Claudius to be behind it. He then so foolishly decides to draw his sword and stab the person standing behind, effectively killing, not Claudius, but Polonius. He is then immediately sent to...

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1061 words - 5 pages warmly. He trusts them enough to reveal he feels Denmark is a prison, and he is the prisoner. It is quickly evident, however, they are not true friends to Hamlet. He questions why they are at Elsinore, and makes them reveal they “were sent for” by the King (II.ii,284). Throughout the rest of the play, they keep an eye on Hamlet, and report his behaviour to Claudius. They reveal Claudius they do not believe Hamlet to be truly crazy, but think he is


1045 words - 4 pages madness. After Claudius listens to the conversation he says, ?Love? his affections do not that way tend? Was not like madness. There?s something in his soul o?er which his melancholy sits on brood? Will be some danger?Thus set it down: he shall with speed to England? (Hamlet 3.1. 172-179). Claudius, along with Polonius, spy on Hamlet.Polonius?s main activity is spying. He instructs his servant Reynaldo to spy on Laertes and to report back on his

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3342 words - 13 pages the dead king. Hamlet, asks it to speak. Instead, it stalks away.Horatio interprets the ghost's appearance as an omen that strange is about to happen in Denmark. He tells the sentries that Fortinbras, a young. hot-headed Norwegian, has gathered an army and intends to march on Denmark to take back the lands which his father, King Fortinbras, lost to King Hamlet.The ghost then reappears. Again, Horatio faces it and asks it to speak. Before it can


1787 words - 7 pages hatred is focused on Claudius . Horatio warns Hamlet of the possible disaster, but Hamlet doesn't care, he isn't scared of death any longer. Hamlet shows a sense of responsibility and concern for the world and it's people at the end of his life, when Horatio also wants to take his own life. Hamlet assures him that he is needed here to report this tragedy and clear his name. Essay #4 Did Hamlet really love Ophelia? Although his behavior throughout

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3631 words - 15 pages Melancholy In Shakespeare's "Tragedy of Hamlet", Prince of Denmark the protagonist, Hamlet, must deal with what critics presume to be melancholy. In the earlier acts of Hamlet it seems apparent enough that Hamlet's madness is merely feigned. However, as the play progresses it becomes clear that Hamlet's emotional environment may actually have affected his mental state driving him into melancholy and, perhaps, even madness. The real question

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1482 words - 6 pages report the findings back to Claudius, all while appearing to be friends with Hamlet. They try to appear to be sincerely worried about him, and to hide the fact that they are working for Claudius. However, Hamlet figured out their doings and was able to conceal from them his true intentions. Nearing the end of the play, Rosencrantz and Guildestern were to deliver Hamlet to his death in England. However, Hamlet learned of this and changed the


1276 words - 6 pages Mousetrap,” to have actors act out a murder scene, The Murder of Gonzago, and observe Claudius’s reactions to the parallel tale with Hamlets additional lines. Hamlet requests that Horatio observe and report what he sees as to be assured of Claudius's guilt. Hamlet again delays avenging his father by rejecting the chance to kill Claudius while he was praying. Hamlet rejects this opportunity because he wants a "perfect revenge," on his uncle

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