Hamlet's Wave Of Emotions Essay

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Hamlet's Wave of Emotions
“Hamlet” the play by William Shakespeare features the character of Hamlet who is the main focus of the play. Hamlet has recently lost his father and his mother remarries quickly to his uncle Claudius. Thus leading Hamlet to believe that something fishy is going on between his parents. This becomes Hamlet's lead throughout the play allowing him to seek the truth of what happened to his father. Whether his father was killed naturally, or by Claudius himself. This truth seeking Hamlet is what leads him to a path of revenge and shifts his attitude of what he used to be to a vengeful spirit. During the play Hamlet experiences a loss of control over himself and this forces him to suffer the consequences of his actions.
Beginning with Act I Hamlet's emotions and level of control are at a normal level even after the recent death of his father. Though with his father's death it's reasonable to experience the five stages of grief, but when it comes to Hamlet his father's death doesn't hit him until the recent sighting of his father's ghost. At first he approaches the subject head on and logical figuring Bernardo, Horatio, and Marcellus we just mad and seeing things. But as they try to convince him of what they saw Hamlet strikes to get to the core of this situation and clear everything up which by doing so shows the control he has in handling these odd situations. It is not until the end of Act I that Hamlet's control begins to falter because the ghost has spoken to him, approached him about the death of his father. This is where Hamlet's emotions get the best of him and he allowed himself to feel, allowed himself to get close and personal to the situation at hand. The ghost now has a slight advantage in Hamlet, the ghost has connected with him emotionally and showed Hamlet how blind he was with what actually happened to his father. This leads to the ghost provoking Hamlet, toying with human emotions, and having Hamlet turn to a dark path with power and revenge.
Moving into Act II leads others to notice the change in Hamlet's demeanor and personality. Hamlet has started to transition from his slight grief to a talking to oneself when no one is around type of person. His new change in character is does not go unnoticed by the King, Queen, and others present in the court while speaking of “Hamlet's transformation,” (II, ii, 5) and “Hamlet's lunacy” (II, ii, 48). The emotions most represented through Act II would be the depression he feels for his father, the vengeful attitude he feels needs to be expressed, and the rising insanity bubbling up to the surface. All these feelings come flooding in by the end of Act II when Hamlet plans a plan to expose King Claudius and give Hamlet truth and clarity of what actually happened. This plan shifts Hamlet's character once again and gets him back in control by allowing him to drift away from insanity and looking towards logic and reasoning to find the truth; not just making up nonsense...

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