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Shakespeare was an amazing poet, actor and playwright. He wrote comedies, histories, and tragedies. His writings are still read today because of his use of language, complex characters, and common themes, such as love and hate. One of his most famous works of tragedy is the play Hamlet. This play is about Hamlet, a young prince who leads a life of privilege. Until tragedy strikes in the form of the death of the king, his father Hamlet. His world view changes from this point on. He becomes suspicious of all the people around him and rightly so as it turns out his uncle Claudius, the new king and his new stepfather, killed him. The death of his father and the betrayal of his mother so soon ...view middle of the document...

So the way we perceive the world and make decisions is all based on our own personal experiences.
There is not one set of rules or morals that we are supposed to follow in life. Instead people have to stitch one together using all the human logic we have to get through the best we can. Meaning it is up to the individual to decide on their own what is good or bad or to decide what is real or not. People believe things to be true because they can touch, taste, and hear things but that is not possible for the idea of good and bad. Instead one must just know that nothing is this or that everything just is. Until we come in with our curious human minds and try to explain it using our own personal objective lenses. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout Finch sees a whole town banded together against one man, Tom Robinson. A black man accused of rapeing a white woman in a small southern town. Scout’s dad Atticus is Toms representation and he is a man of great morality and justice. His beliefs have trickled down to his children and we see that they have no racial prejudice in a time of great racism. Although the whole town turns against the Finch family, Scout stays strong and sticks to her conviction that her dad is doing the right thing. Other people in the town may also believe this but they follow the masses and stay united against them. What I am getting at with this example is that Scout and all the townsfolk have different opinions of what is right in this situation and that is their personal decision. I may also believe that Scout is correct,...

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