Hamlet´S Treatment Of Ophelia And Gertrude

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Love in the forms of parent to child and from lover to lover is an addictive element which can result in loneliness and lead to madness to those who lose it forever. Hamlet's relationship with Gertrude and Ophelia is quick to fall apart after he learns key information about his parentage. Both Gertrude and Ophelia provide him with love but are absent at a time when he needs it most; during the reign of his madness. Hamlet's madness is partly evident due to his poor relationship with Gertrude and Ophelia, since they falsely love him then reject him by moving on with their lives. Both females have heavily contributed to the misogyny Hamlet develops. Ophelia and Gertrude disappoint Hamlet which leads him to become a misogynist which contributes to the death of both female characters at the end of the novel.
Hamlet considers both Gertrude and Ophelia to be sinful women due to the loss and gain of love throughout their lives. Since learning about the truth regarding the death of his father, Hamlet holds a grudge against him Gertrude. Hamlet blames Gertrude's incestous act for the death of his father. "A bloody deed. Almost as bad, good mother,/ As kill a King and marry with his brother" (3.4: 28-29). After King Hamlet's ghost had appeared before Hamlet to inform him about the reality of his death, Hamlet was overcome by anger. Hamlet's anger leads to a change in his view regarding Gertrude since he loses his mother-son connection with her. By believing that Gertrude played a part in the death of his father, Hamlet develops a solid hatred for Gertrude
which shapes his overall behaviour. Hamlet believes that the act of Gertrude having part in the death of his father cannot be due to her love for Claudius since she has lived majority of her life. Gertrude is shown to be an unfaithful woman since she caused the death of her husband. "You cannot call it love; for at your age/ The heyday in the blood is tame, it's humble,/ And waits upon the judgement, and what judgement/ Would step from this?" (3.4: 68-71). Believing that she has already lived majority of her life, Gertrude's sinful act has shattered Hamlet's love for her. Since Gertrude caused the death of King Hamlet, she is unable to be granted to heaven. Gertrude is viewed as an incenstous person to Hamlet since he tells her God will judge her based upon her acts of incest and murder. Gertrude's involvement with the murder of King Hamlet has cost her the mother-son connection with Hamlet which leads to him having an unstable relationship with Gertrude.
Hamlet discovers elements of false love in Ophelia as he relates her flaws with Gertrudes'. Ophelia is part of a plan to set up Hamlet which will determine whether he is truly mad in her love or otherwise. Her love is being used to play with Hamlet's emotions. "I will leave him and/ Suddenly contrive the means of meeting between him/ And my daughter" (2.2: 209-211). Polonius decides he will use Ophelia to manipulate Hamlet by getting her to...

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