Hand Dominancy And Reactions To Stimuli

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Statement of Purpose
I've always wondered why we cringe at nails on chalkboard and not music, or why we can’t swim in an ice cold pool. I've also wondered why it's so hard to do basic tasks with your non-dominant hand. That’s why I chose my topic: behavioral science – is your reaction to stimuli higher on your dominant hand. A few reasons I chose our hands as subjects. First reason is that I've always found hand dominancy interesting. That and when I was younger I was left handed and I eventually became right handed. Does that mean my reactions to stimuli will be the same on each hand? Let's leave that to the experiment.
I believe if I test by inserting test subjects' hands into ice cold water and asking test subjects what their hands feel like, I can determine our more sensitive hands would be our dominant hands. I also believe if you “write” on ones hand, they’re dominant hand will better identify the character. We use our dominant hands are used more which probably keeps the blood flow going. If you’re like me and when you’re writing something and you’re cold, you sit on your hand or put it in-between your legs or something to keep it warm while you’re dominant hand is at work. The lack of usage would probably lower the rate of blood to your hand making it less sensitive.
To find the correct answer to my hypothesis, I will need to conduct some research. I decided to look up a few key words such as sensitivity and hand dominancy:

Behavioral genetics
There are many things you must put into consideration when performing behavioral experiments. Twin studies are a good example. The studies are called monozygotic if they are identical twins and dizygotic if they’re fraternal twins. This would be useful for tests because we must put into consideration that twins are nature’s clones. Other things to put into consideration are mental illnesses. Schizophrenia, autism, and many other mental illnesses can affect the way one responds to certain tests. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder in which one would experience hallucinations that affect the way you hear see and feel, but are imaginary; delusions that make you believe false ideas; disorganized thought which is not organizing your thoughts and word coming out not making sense; and in some cases paranoia, as if everyone is plotting revenge on you and you worry. These are an example of things that could affect many experiments. For my recognizing letters test, they might feel a 3 instead of an A, two clearly different characters.
Touch- physical Stimuli
The skin is the largest organ in your body. The average adult has 20ft2 of skin. It has its own set of receptors known as “cutaneous receptors”. It’s a fairly complex set of receptors. Surrounding hair follicles under the skin are the hair follicle endings which detect hair displacement. Under the epidermis and all over the body are ruffini endings which detect pressure. On and near the lips, genitals, and tongue, are Krause...

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