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Over time, the world has seen many outstanding musicians, and so much fantastic music. Each highly remembered composer or musician changed the way we think and see the world. They give us new ideas, and music is a wonderful way to convey moods and emotions. Each also slightly changed music itself. Handel was one of the greatest of these people. He was a superior composer who largely influenced and expanded music.
George Frideric Handel was born in Germany, but found his future in England as a composer. Stanley states that: “Handel was by training and temperament a composer… Like Mozart he possessed in the highest degree the supreme attributes of the musical dramatist” (105-106). The surprising thing is Handel was not raised to be a musician. His father had wanted Handel to become a lawyer. He graduated Halle in law, 1702, to satisfy his father’s wish. He did this even though he was intent on music (Lang 20). One day years before, when his father brought him to visit the courts, a duke heard him playing the organ and asked his father to train him in music. Handel’s father still wanted him to study law, but now young Handel started getting different ideas. After graduating, he traveled to Italy and studied music for a while. After learning what he could from Italian music, Handel left in search of a place where he could expand his music (Lang 106). He soon found England to be what he needed. There he could grow into a musician. He had the people and resources to become a virtuoso.
Handel was able to write amazing things with his music and was able to reach multiple kinds of people through his music.
The lifelong habit of improvisation was linked with Handel’s method of composition. He was a rapid worker. While his meticulous dating of autographs indicates that nearly all his major works were committed to paper within an astonishingly short amount of time (the three weeks spent on Messiah is the most famous of many examples), he undoubtedly worked out ideas in advance, both in his head and in sketches; a number of the latter survive, and they sometimes show a single idea subjected to repeated polishing almost to the manner of Beethoven. (Stanley 104)
He was able to write compositions in relatively short amounts of time. He would just keep going over his pieces until they became the masterpieces everyone knew him for. “Handel’s mature style is empirical and eclectic. His creative personality was so strong that he was able to assimilate what he wanted from whatever tradition he met, without awkwardness or incongruity, and to comprehend the new without abandoning the old” (Stanley 104). This ability to write in different cultures and to use both new and old techniques immensely helped Handel to reach all types of people. He was greatly loved by those who heard his music, and was an appreciated musician in many cultures. He could write for the different cultures and different age ranges, covering all genres and styles. George Frederic...

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