Handicaps, Hardships, And Friendships In “Of Mice And Men”

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Handicaps, Hardships, and Friendships in “Of Mice and Men”

The American Dream is a dream that everyone imagines to be picture perfect. The American Dream means having freedom, equality and opportunity’s to achieve the dream that you conceptualize to be right by you. In the novel, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck did not want to just illustrate the American dream as being easy, but he wanted to point out the American Dream as being difficult too. Steinbeck made a work of art by composing a great novel to make the reader understand that life can be difficult and at times dreams are hard to achieve. Of Mice and Men was written and based on the settings of the Great Depression. The Great Depression ...view middle of the document...

This made it harder to do as much work as the others. That resulted in him being unsure of his job at the ranch and he worried often about it. The crook in his back showed that he was a hardworking man or either beaten because of his race. Another handicap that Steinbeck shows but doesn’t announce is the fact that Crook is black. Crook clearly states his knowledge of this when he says, “Cause I’m black they play cards in there, I can’t play because I’m black, they say I stink.” This forces Crook to be very sensitive over the thoughts of being treated wrong because he’s black. He gets upset at Lennie when he enters into Crooks area without asking. He acts as if he’s trying to prove something, that he has rights too. In the end crook just wanted to know that he had something of his own. He would defend what he had aggressively too! In reality Crook realizes he is weak and vulnerable. Knowing this he tries to make himself feel better by playing a trick on Lennie. He tells him that George, instead of going to drink, has gone for good. This highly upsets Lennie which makes him become violent. Crook realizes quickly that he has made a mistake so he relents and goes back to his calm reluctant ways. Crook, after the incident, became very close with Lennie and George. He even asked if he could come along with them were they got their own farm. In the end Crook was depicted as a very lonely and handicapped man.

Candy is also a ranch hand that has a handicap. He worked most of his life on someone’s farm, and lost his hand. Candy with his handicap uses his dog to help him get his work done. He becomes so attached to the dog that when it gets miserably sick he still will not let anyone put it out of its misery. He feels as though he doesn’t need the harsh reality of his dog dying in a time like this. However the thought of living on a few acres with George and Lennie cheers him up. When everyone one else went out to work he often stayed back and daydreamed about the land and home him, George and Lennie hoped to buy. Him being the last one in on the deal he always tried to figure out ways to make money saying, “Tell ya what, Lennie. I been figuring bout them rabbits…. I got it figured out. We can make some money off them rabbits if we go about it right.” Overall, Candy, as a character is not very strong. He was left behind in the story because of that, he was also left behind because of his handicap and his age.
Lennie, a mentally disabled man was one of the main characters in Of Mice and Men. His mental disability caused him to not know his own strength. (Steinbeck) Steinbeck hints that Lennie has done a lot in the past that has led to them living the life there living now. (Timmerman) Lennie is very friendly but his mental illness causes him to make bad decisions. His biggest flaw is that he doesn’t know his own strength; he injures things unknowingly and easily breaks Curley’s fingers without even realizing it. George, Lennie’s best friend, has been...

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