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Manage The Cultural Differences While Working With People From Other Cultures

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Nowadays, as we all notice that the world is getting flatter. More and more people are getting the chance to work with people from other culture. It is not only limited to the people from the developed countries like Americans and Europeans. People in the developing countries are also open to the opportunity to work with people from other culture. Understanding that culture difference is heavily rooted in people’s everyday behavior is only the first step to get to work with people. Coping the way foreigners do with the local culture is the key point to be successful in working with people from other culture. Misunderstanding the culture and behavioral difference can lead to problems and alienation, even confrontation, between colleagues and ultimately the collapse of partnership. Being self-centered and refusing to social with the local culture would also lead to the failure eventually.

When people from the different culture meet or a person goes to a different country, they are expecting to have a culture clash, which includes the communication, leadership and organization and etc. The communication problem would the language barrier, but most time it is more than just the language difficulties. How to get the message across can vary and greatly impact the communication. In the video, Building the Transnational Team, it clearly shows that everybody can speak the same international English, but everyone understanding one another is the challenge. First, when the native English speaker talking with another non-native speaker, if he or she speaks too fast and uses slang terms, the non-native speaker would totally get lost and feel frustrated. Like in the video, Luis from Spain who speaks English but has limited understanding of the slang term really has difficulty in communicating with others. This kind of situation would even worst if people from Asia get involved since they would likely understand even less English then people from European and feel more intimidated to bring up a question. Even the native speakers sometimes misunderstand each other because English can be ambiguous and misleading. Communication difficulties also exist when expatriates get into another country which speaks no or less English. To make the point across by using the simply English and small vocabulary is the way to help the better understanding. However, the communication barrier also lies in how people prefer to communicate. Some people prefer to talk versus to write, some people prefer to have a well-written document to communicate. In the video, Klaus as a German prefers well-written studies and papers, Luis as a Spanish likes more emotional way to discuss things orally. There is no good way or bad in communicate, people just like to have his or her own way. But, having different ways in communication can cause misunderstanding and confrontation.

Leadership would be another aspect in the culture difference. The balance of power in organizations between...

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