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"Managing A Crisis Using Pr" Simulation Summary

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Greenergy is a power company located in California is experiencing a severe crisis. The "Managing a Crisis using PR" simulation will help one formulate strategies to manage a crisis and make the most effective use of the PR tools to aid in the communication to all of the publics (2007). The crisis involves a turbine blade from a generation windmill that broke suddenly and struck a group of nearby picnickers. The PR team from Greenergy addresses the issues to the company's publics. The Director of Public Relations had established a crisis management plan. This plan allows the PR team to react quickly to reduce any consequence to the company's capital and reputation.An organization must be proactive in its crisis management plan. This allows for a company to be prepared for any unanticipated events. The ability to be proactive will allow most companies during a crisis situation to remain calm. Proactive crisis management plans ensure that there is a methodical approach in place to deal with a variety of crises.An organization needs to have a feedback mechanism in place to deal with a crisis. In the case of Greenergy a system of polls and surveys will help to identify current attitudes and follow any changes in attitudes. If a company understands what the relevant publics think of the company, its products or services, the PR team can decide what message to send out. If a fact-finding team is put into place the company will not have to rely on the media or other sources for information.A plan needs to be effectual. An ineffectual way for an organization to deal with a crisis is to do nothing. By not addressing any issue that may occur, an organization allows the relevant publics to fill in the blanks on their own. Another ineffective way of dealing with a crisis is to hire a celebrity spokesperson. This option may...

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