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Assignment Outline* Managing and leading people the past and the presentIntroductionThe effective manager/leader, how can we become one in today's organisation?Why is the skill of management and leading people vital for MBA students?* Understanding Managing and Leading people - The four pillarsThe organisation environment and peopleThe individual levelThe group levelThe organisational level* Distinguishing between Leadership and ManagementManagers and leaders are they different?How can managers maximize the output of the organisation?What do leaders really do?* The essence of Organisational behaviour & Human resourceWhat makes managing people so difficult?Their impact on the organisationWhy have they become a key part of the modern age manager/leader?* Success in business and the dynamics of cultural changeFacing changeUnderstanding changeLeading change* Employment Equity and South Africa todayThe employment equity actThe organisations' dilemma, the threat of existenceThe effects of the act on people* The "Silent Killer" StressWhat is stress?Resilience and its effects on the organisationStress and South Africa, how can we deal with it?* ConclusionMuch more is expected from managers now than 10 years ago. Being an effective manager requires a deeper level of sophistication and a broader more versatile set of skills. In most industries the pace of change that organisations and their people must cope with is relentless. To be competitive, corporations have had to restructure, downsize, de-layer, and increase spans of control. Additional challenges include managing an increasing diverse work force the changing role of women in business, and the impact of technology on the nature of work pose human resources issues that simply did not exist to the same extent in the last decade.Despite all of this change, some aspects of managing people are fundamental. Certain truths about motivation, group behaviour, and organisation are valid to day as they were 20 years ago. If anything, the increasing pressures of today's more competitive environment make these basics even more necessary to master. Effective management requires not only dealing with state of the art issues but also handling the essential daily realities of motivating people, solving performance problems, and managing groups efficiently. (Gabarro, 1972-1992)We concur with Gabarro's debate that the mangers and leaders of tomorrow (i.e. MBA students) have to address two sets of needs: the need for fundamental concepts as well as newer concepts that address today's immerging imperatives. Here we have to ask ourselves what constitutes effective management and leadership and whether these two processes are different from each other.To recognize the concept of effective management one must first have a basic understanding of Managing and Leading People in an organisational context, and the factors affecting it. Our interpretation of W.Bloisi (Bloisi et al, 2003) has led us to a four pillar...

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