Managing Change At Byfield Business College

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Managing Change atByfield Business CollegeIntroduction:Change is inevitable but many people do not like it. There are many methods of implementing change within an organisation. However, for the purpose of this analysis I will limit myself to directive and coercive methods of change management. These methods entail a more authoritarian approach. When people are confronted with the need or opportunity to change, especially when it is enforced, as they see it, by the organization, they can become emotional. So can the managers who try to manage the change. Instead of thoroughly discussing the intended propose of changes with those whose work the changes will affect, changes are often forced upon employees without prior consultation. While this is seen by many as the managers sole responsibility, it can have often negative effects upon the organisation as a whole. Changes of this form are rarely implemented unless the manager is convinced of the positive benefits the changes would bring, or the manager has little regard for the opinions expressed by his employees. In either of these situations the manager must have sufficient power and authority within the organisation, that there will be little or no opposition from those affected.The fundamental issue here is how mangers see themselves in organisations. They often overestimate the amount of power and authority they actually possess which usually turns to de-motivate the workforce. A manager who tries to learn very fast the cultural and politics in the work environment will in no uncertain terms achieve desirable outcomes. For employees to feel that they enjoy the tasks set before them, the manager should strive to blend tactics which will allow him to achieve a large amount of power and influence while retaining the respect and co-operation of his subordinates.The product of measures are beneficial for the organisation, shown by high performance as employees enjoy their work and low employee turnover and absenteeism, saving the organisation money in both the short and long term. This proposition may seem ideal, however normally the reality is very different, this is particularly obvious in Byfield Business College case.Identification of the Problems:It is evident from the scenario that one of the major problems is the lack of effective communication between George Boon and Jane Hacking. Boon used the coercive power which he had over Hacking to pressure his own ideas on Hacking without chance for discussion when his attention was drawn to how lax the security in central records was.Another problem which is evident is that while central records was functioning efficiently with the current workload, they were running 20% over the theoretical maximum (identified by Dr. Robert Mangers) and would most likely not have been able to handle the increase in student numbers which Boon was expecting. This would have resulted in increased stress levels within central records. This could well have had...

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