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Handling Complaints Essay

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Complaint handling examples
I have had an opportunity to experience different levels of customer service from several companies within home appliance repair service sector. These experiences ranged from very positive to extremely negative.
I run into poor customer service when the dishwasher in my house stopped functioning properly and was only cleaning dishes that were located on the lower rack. I contacted the warranty company and they have found a repair provider within my area and were able to schedule an appointment for the technician to come out and evaluate the situation. Once the technician inspected the dishwasher he concluded that a part will need to get replaced. He said that he will order this new part and will contact me to schedule the installation.
After about two weeks of not getting any updates from the repair technician I called the company and was connected with the customer service representative that was not familiar with my case and could only say that they will contact the technician that is handling my repair and will give me a call back with in 24 hours. As 24 and then 48 hours went by without getting a call from the company I have called them again and was connected with a different representative that once more was not familiar with my situation and had no update on the status of the part order. They provided the same response that the technician will give me a call back, but instead I requested to speak to their manager and was transferred to another person, supposedly a manager. Speaking with the manager also did not yield any results since he had no information on the status of the order either.
At this point I have decided to contact the warranty company and have them try to get some information from the repair provider. After several hours the representative of the warranty company was finally able to get the status of the part order and they were told that it would take another two weeks to get the part in stock and the repair provider will contact me directly. To make a long story short, after two weeks have passed I went thru the same process as happened before with not able to get any status updates from the repair provider and had to contact the warranty company in order to get some information. Eventually after a few more rounds of calls between me and repair organization as well as the warranty company I got several different status updated that ranged from another two weeks to thirty days. The situation was finally resolved when a day later the part has magically appeared in stock and was installed the day after that.
I have had a markedly different customer service experience when my built-in microwave was overheating and needed to be replaced. Another repair company had to order a new microwave that was back ordered. The customer service representatives had access to all my case information as soon as I called and were able to provide me with status updates especially when a...

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