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Handling Feelings Of Anxiety During The First Year At College.

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I. Adapting to new surroundings and the social environment in college can sometimes be described as stressful. Well, your emotional health and academic success go hand in hand. Prolonged unhappiness and displeasure with yourself or your relationships with others can exhaust your energy and interfere with academic success. However, carrying on further in college is more than just academics; it's learning to become an adult for the first time in your life. When social or emotional issues get in the way of your life, do something about it. Now, handling feelings of anxiety during the first year at college can be done in three easy steps. Firstly, prioritize your time on paper, get involved, and finally, create opportunities to just relax.II. First and foremost, you need to prioritize your time onpaper. Your time schedule needs to be personalized and honest for best results.A. One method is the ABC lists.1. Write down everything that needs to be done: homework, class assignments, studying, shopping, laundry, etc. (you could even include partying.)2. Then divide them into three sections; a, b, and c3. The items that need to be done that day, go into section A. The items that need to be done that week, go into section B. The items that need to be done within the month, go into section C.4. As you complete each item, cross it off the list. Once the entire list is completed, give yourself a small reward which could simply be the pleasant feeling of accomplishment and a pat on the back from yourself.B. You should also have a weekly schedule to divide your time doing daily activities.1.Include the number of hours of sleep, grooming, travel, scheduled functions, errands, work, class time, studying, and whatever you routinely do throughout the day.2.Also, you should block in enough hours to study for each class into a weekly schedule.a. Block 2 hours per credit hour for an easy class, 3 hours per credit hour for an average class, and 4 hours per credit hour for a hard or difficult class.b. Try this formula for at least a week and you can make adjustments as needed.C. A monthly calendar should include highlighted dates of upcoming events. (i.e quizzes, tests assignment deadlines, meetings) You can include this information in your ibook.III. Next, you need to get involved in the college experience. In order to be a successful student, you need to balance academics with a social outlet. Find an activity you enjoy and make time for it.A. Aside from the obvious reasons to join a club or organization; (meet a variety of people who share a common interest, challenge yourself, learn interpersonal skills, keep yourself goal and time oriented) it gives you a great opportunity to just have fun.1. Campus offers hundreds of activities in the form of athletics, Greek life, and clubs.2. Joining a varsity team require an audition and the members are as dedicated to their sport as they are their school work. Most sports offer club or intramural levels that...

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