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Selecting the members of a team is the most important aspect of team formation and managing individuals within a team. When a team is formed it is vital that the characteristics and personality profile of the prospective members is understood (Chin & Lin, 2004). According to Yvonne Athanasaw, years of experience, amount, and type of previous team participation and mode of entry are very important characteristics (2003). Other characteristics which are very important when forming teams include communication ability, flexibility, and collegiality of the individual. If all the team members can communicate their ideas, are available at any moment for the team, and get along with each other, the team will be able to function with minimal conflict (Chin & Lin, 2004).While completing the "Managing Individual Performance" simulation, I chose Lisa Stafford, Michelle Levy, John Connor, and Daniel Nichols for my DARE team. Lisa Stafford was given the task of building case files because her strengths indicate she is very analytical and works well with people. Michelle was responsible for moderating self-help groups. She fit this assignment because of her ability to notice conflicts and quickly analyze and remedy them. Performing follow-ups was assigned to John Connor; he was given this task because of his enthusiasm and willingness to pass on knowledge to others and because his previous work for social causes. Daniel was given the assignment of supervising confrontation sessions because of his ability to handle problems and conflicts quickly. He also has a personable nature that would help him encourage the participants who had relapsed.In order to manage my team effectively, I considered a few factors when I delegated the responsibilities. After reading How to Delegate, I learned that a manager must match the tasks with the interest of the person. If this is done correctly, the job will be done well and the employees confidence and job satisfaction will increase (How to Delegate, 2005). Keeping this in mind, I matched the personality traits of the individuals with the aspects of the tasks. When conflicts arose, I was thoughtful of the individual's feelings and tried to determine the management strategy that would increase satisfaction and motivation.While managing the individuals of a team is important, keeping harmony within a team is equally important. In order to do this it is essential to get the right blend of people on a team because the success of the team is heavily dependent on the personality profile of the individuals on the team (Pearman, 2004). If the responsibility of the team is to communicate the future plans of the organization, an introverted person would probably not be the best person for the job. By selecting a team whose personalities fit the criteria of the task at hand and are compatible with other members, an organization is greatly increasing the likelihood that the project will be successful.Personality profiling is an...

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