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Managing Labour Turnover And Equal Employment Opportunity

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IntroductionAs firms are continuously urged to maximise the effectiveness of their workforce if they are to remain competitive, there is a need to focus on maintaining organisational commitment and providing work environment that are congruent with worker aspirations and orientations. Issues such as equal employment opportunity (EEO) that relates to high labour turnover if not manage carefully, recruitment & selection programs in conjunction to EEO are also critical to build a diversify workforce. HRM policies and strategies must be established on such basis to work towards the organisational goals.Equal employment opportunity (EEO) & DiversityHR managers need to be aware that a non-discriminatory policy is an essential part of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs to ensure that all employees are treated with fairness & respect and are not subjected to unlawful discrimination and harassment such as those listed in the table below.
Discriminations (Direct or Indirect)

Harassments (Direct or Indirect)

Sex (male or female, homosexuality, transgender)
Age (including forcing someone to retire at a certain age)
Race, colour, ethnic or ethno-religious background, descent or nationality
Marital status
Political beliefs or activity
Pregnancy (include potential pregnancy)
Disability (physical or intellectual not affecting the nature of the work)
Responsibilities as a carer (parental status)
Person's association with or relation to

Assaulting someone
Humiliating them
Seriously embarrassing them in public
Offending them (verbally or physically)
Intimidating them
Questioning about a person's private life

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is a government-initiated policy specifying that all HRM activities should be conducted in such a way as to ensure that 'all employees have equal access to fulfilling and productive working lives' (Dessler et al. 2004, p.56). This common law-employment contract relationship which may properly be described as 'job rights', look at the concept of 'employment at will' on what each party must do for the other in order for the relationship to continue. This provides a framework for the redress of wrongs arising out of the employment relationship. Thus, HR managers need to understand that it'll have an impact on HRM planning, policies and practices in the following areas.Recruitment and selection (job analysis)Effective, non-discriminatory recruitment is about getting the best person for the job. All position should be open to all applicants on the basis of merit.Promotion, training and transfer (objective performance appraisal)Where promotional, training & transfer opportunities are linked to performance reviews, a failure to provide a performance review, for example, to a pregnant employee, may be unlawful discrimination.Conditions of employmentPay equity - ensure that male and female in the same profession have equal access to superannuation, employment benefits, wages and...

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