Managing People Performance: Wopollies Incorporated Essay

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Q1)What steps will you take to establish clear job roles at Wopollies Incorporated?The steps that I will take to establish clear jobs roles at Wopollies is by understanding the job requirements of the position to be filled, such as skills, knowledge, education and personality etc. To determine these attributes,1.Conduct a job analysisA job analysis is the first stage of developing a job description. It is the process of obtaining relevant information about jobs in order to assist management planning and decision-making.It involves analysing the job by identifying:How tasks are doneHow long they takeHow often they are carried outAnd it also involves finding out details of the tasks from the people who do the job, their supervisors and the people they interact with. In addition, the job analysis does not just list the tasks, it should also cover the skills, knowledge and personality that are required of a person to carry out.2.Develop a job descriptionMargrave & Gordon describe a job description is a written document that usually includes a job summary as well as the essential duties and responsibilities, qualification and working conditions of a certain position.The job description is developed from the job analysis. Thus, once completing the job analysis, it can be relatively straightforward to complete the job description. This involves not only a description of job, but how the job relates to other jobs in the organisation, ad how it meets the objectives and missions of the organisation. It usually covers:Purpose of the jobPosition in the organisationMayor duties and responsibilitiesSpecific tasksWorking a person specification"A person specification describes the individual abilities and characteristics needed for the job, based on the job description and the job analysis." (Hunt 2005, p. 108)These will be ones that either:essential for good performancedesirable for good performanceHaving the job description and person specification on hand when establish clear jobs roles can be very useful as they will control and maintain the policy of the organisation.Q2)How will performance standards be established, communicates and measured at Wopollies Incorporated?Performance standards are based on the position, not the individual, which provides employees with specific performance expectation for each major duty. They can be expressed in terms of quantity, quality, timeliness, cost, safety or outcomes. Performance standards are the observable behaviours and actions which explain how the job to be done and the resulted that are expected for satisfactory job performance.Philp (1990, p. 31) suggests setting performance standards requires attention to be focused on effects or consequences which have to be produced or avoided, rather than on the task itself. Therefore, a performance standard should:Be realisticWhen standards of performance are being agreed, both employees and management should aim for a level which the employee can...

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