Managing Time As An Adult Learner

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Managing Time as an Adult Learner
For most adult learners, it is always a struggle to find the time to sit down and do their day-to-day life work on top of schooling whether it is online or in the classroom. In the following paper, people will be able to see steps that can be taken to help plan out time to do things for class and day to day and get them completed. There will be knowledgeable information on how adult learners can manage time with school and day-to-day living.
One of the biggest things that was found during research was that it is best to have a calendar or monthly printed calendar marking when things are due. It can have both personal things that are due like bills, meetings, and whatever may have going on in your personal life that you need to remember. The biggest thing to put on the calendar is when your homework, test and or forums are due for school. By doing all this it allows people to have a visual on when things are so that they can plan around meetings or appointments. The other great thing about all this is it will help people see that it is using the best of your time with what you are doing. For example, if there is a meeting during the time that a test needs to be completed, then we can work ahead but prioritizing and making sure the test is turned in before the meeting. This always everyone in the home to see that we can maximize the time we have in a day to complete everything that we can before starting on the next day.
While reading Time Management for Adult Learners, University of New South Wales. (2013).They explain that one of the best things to help adult learners is to avoid distraction know matter how big or some. Find times when no one is home or find a place that can be quiet to where you can work with little or no distraction. Because once someone is distracted from what they are doing it is sometimes more difficult for adults to get their train of thought back to start and finish what they are trying to complete. This article says to find what works best for the student, if they are a morning person and are up earlier for their day to day jobs then to use that time to start and do school work or to start the list of prioritize for the day in order from urgent to non-urgent on what can be completed. While having this list it allows students that are night owls to get their day to day jobs completed then concentrate on the homework list. This list allows students to see what needs to be done and stay on tract without being distracted and working on something that maybe due in a week. Also by working when no one is home allows that concentration to be on the homework and not whatever may be going on around the house.
One of the most tuff things to do for students that have full times jobs and are older students, are to combine the real life day to day tasks with school or study time. Steinback (1993) explains that no matter how busy people are with their real life or school time...

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