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Final Paper: The Control of the Republic of Gilead on the women
The human body is usually revered as the sacred temple of a being. In some extreme religious societies they deem the body the most precious part of life and abstain from any type of demolition or alteration of their body i.e. piercings, tattoos, etc. Most nations have laws and sanctions set in place for the fulfillment of free will and the protection of one’s body. However, in Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaids Tale, such laws are not applicable to the woman living the under the republic of Gilead. The government of this republic believes that the females are merely objects and their body is used for the sole purpose of procreation. The government is able to instill these concepts in these women primarily through the use of fear, both physical and mental control and maintaining the ignorance of these women.
Every aspect of the women’s lives is controlled. Not only must they adhere to the rules of the Republic, but their commander as well. The government knows that “fear is a powerful stimulant” (268) and uses this fact well to their advantage. They show detailed ancient pornos making sure that the woman “hear the screams and grunts and shrieks of what is either extreme pain or extreme pain or both all at once” (116). Because “nobody wanted to be reported for disloyalty” and endure the severe consequences, they all move about in silence and despair. The government rids the women of any form of autonomy or liberty. They even go as far as abolishing Independence day.
The women are misguided and fooled into believing the...

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