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BU1002 - Accounting for Decision Making Session 1, 2014
Session 1
Subject overview Introduction to accounting
Ref - Ch 1, Birt et el
BU1002 Accounting for Decision Making
Staff contact:  Lecturer: Jodie Maxfield  Email: jodie.maxfield1@jcu.edu.au  Phone: 4781 6597  Office: 27 ‐ 310  Availability: Tuesday 1 - 3pm
Wednesday 1 - 3pm
 Tutor: Paul McGrath  Email: paul.mcgrath@jcu.edu.au
Administration of subject Class Contact time:  Lecture: Thursday 1pm - 2:50pm  Workshop: 3pm - 3:50pm  Tutorial: only enrol in 1 tutorial class!!  Tutorial class times: refer to Subject Guide pg 4, will also discuss the
results of the doodle poll in the lecture class!
 Prescribed Texts (Compulsory) p.7  Birt, J., Chalmers, K., Beal, D., Brooks, A., Byrne, S. and Oliver, J.
(2012). Accounting: Business Reporting for Decision Making (4th Edition), Wiley, Milton Qld
 Hardcopy: available from bookshop or ebook: buy online from Wileydirect.com.au!!!
Subject Guide:  Subject & course learning outcomes  Resources  Assessment & submission  Information  Support services  Study calendar  Assessment criteria sheets
Class Preparation & Information  Tour of LearnJCU - Where to find what!!
 LearnJCU - in Subject Materials ‐ weekly topic information containing: Weekly reading from text  Tutorial questions  Lecture Slides & handouts  Workshop information  Additional material to assist with revision for assessment.
 Class preparation - read text.  Attempt & prepare tutorial solutions / case study questions for class  Complete the practice quiz on Wiley IQ.  Complete the formal quizzes by the due dates!  Make sure you complete the learning checklist throughout each
chapter and understand both the theory and practical concepts covered in each class.
 Any problems???? ASK US!!!

BU1002 - Accounting for Decision Making Session 1, 2014
How to succeed in BU1002!!  Read & come prepared to classes  Revise material each week that
you don't understand  P's = Degrees BUT  It is the GPA that will get you that awesome job after graduation!!  Develop a strong work ethic, this will help you in once you
graduate!  Don't be scared to ask questions, that is what we are here for!!
Remember: we are all "Learners" in
How do we learn to drive? By practicing & completing the required hours to gain driving experience!
Session 1 ‐ Learning Outcomes  explain the process of accounting  outline the role of accounting in decision making by various users  explain the differences between financial & management
accounting  Discuss the globalisation of financial reporting...

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