Hanger Factory Case Study

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There are three jobs at the Old Tyme Bracket and Hanger factory that need to be redesigned for the company’s and employees benefit. These three jobs have been identified as being the worst jobs in the company due to the routine and monotonous characteristics of these job tasks. Even though these jobs are quite simple, there are a high amount of errors being made due to the high levels of boredom and the lack of responsibility associated with these tasks. According to Old Tyme the turnover rate for these positions is more than 100% per year. I have constructed some possible alternatives regarding the design of these jobs that would be beneficial to productivity and to the employees who ...view middle of the document...

This type of opportunity can be extremely motivating for our employees and would encourage them to stay employed at Old Tyme Bracket and Hanger factory.
The second job task involves drilling and is currently done by Brenda. She receives the large wooden boxes which Alan has previously filled and places each bracket individually into a clamp. While one bracket is being drilled, she removes the previously completed bracket and places it on a large rack which holds 20 brackets. Brenda performs this operation approximately 120 times per hour. Another possible suggestion regarding Brenda’s and Alan’s position would be to combine both task and have one person do both jobs. According to authors Nelson and Quick, this method of job enlargement increases the number of activities in a job to overcome the boredom of overspecialized work. If Old Tyme wanted to pursue this suggestion, they would need to consider either reducing the number of staff members we currently employ, or maintain the staffing number we have and reassign employees to different positions.
The painter position is the third job task we are reviewing. Our current painter is Curtis, and he applies two coats of quick-drying paint to each bracket. Each bracket is painted individually, and when all 20 items on a rack are complete (this takes around 10 minutes) he moves the rack aside and begins a new one. Old Tyme could consider creating a job rotation for the painting position, but the most beneficial approach would be to give this employee the opportunity to invent a tool or a machine that would assist with the painting. Old Tyme should find a way to use a machine that can paint brackets, instead of relying on an employee to paint them individually. Giving employees control over their job tasks and processes will increase productivity because we would be creating an atmosphere where our employees recognize how vital they are to processes and the company.

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