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Hannibal Lecter was born in Lithuania in 1933 to a family of artistocrats. His younger sister, Mischa, lived with Hannibal in their mother and father’s castle. The family appeared to be well adjusted, loving, nurturing. It becomes apparent very early on how dearly he cares about his sister, Mischa. When World War II broke out, Lithuania became a battle ground for warring Soviets and Germans. Hannibal’s family fled to a cottage in the woods in attempts to avoid being caught in the cross-fire. Their attempts to stay safe would prove unsuccessful. Hannibal’s mother and father die in a battle between the Soviets and Germans. Hannibal and little Mischa witnessed both the deaths of the parents, in addition to plane/foot battles between soldiers. At this point, Hannibal assumes responsibility to care for himself and his little sister. Soon after, a group of Russian soldiers invades the cottage, taking Hannibal and Mischa captive. The soldiers searched the house for food, but were unsuccessful in their search. Famine began to take over the group of soldiers, at which point they realize Mischa has pneumonia and will likely die soon. The men suggest to kill and eat the girl. The soldiers drug his little sister outside, where they slaughtered and devoured her. Hannibal managed to escape, and was placed in an orphanage until his teenage years.
In the orphanage, Hannibal experiences horrific night mares about Mischa’s unresolved death. He is haunted by the image of his parents’ deaths, Mischa’s death, Mischa’s cannibalized body, and the faces of his abusers from this childhood trauma. In the orphanage he does not speak, except when he is screaming in his sleep due to nightmares. It is possible that this form of muteness set in after he was exposed to trauma in his early childhood. Hannibal displays defiant behavior at the orphanage, marked by his refusal to obey rules and his display of aggressive behaviors to those he does not trust/care about.
He eventually escapes from the orphanage and flees to France, to find his Uncle and Aunt. He arrives at their residence to find his Uncle had died, but his Aunt (Lady Murasaki) welcomed him to stay. Over the next few years, Hannibal would be accepted to medical school where he learned about human anatomy, and loved to dissect bodies of animals. At this time, he also engaged in an incestuous, romantic relationship with his aunt. She taught him many things about the Japanese culture (as she descended from a samurai group in Hiroshima).
His first victim became after a French butcher made a comment to his Japanese aunt, asking if her pussy ran sideways. Hannibal found this disgusting and very rude, as he was protective of his aunt (and his lover). He found the butcher fishing at the lake, where he baited the butcher ashore and decapitated him with his aunt’s Samurai sword. He cut the cheeks off the butcher and cooked this “delicacy,“ with mushrooms and ate before leaving the crime scene. ...

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