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Hao Is A Commander's Success Best Measured

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Pre-president Hu Jintao pointed out that fighting in future is a participate in strategic joint and combined arms battle, and external factors is very complex, that will be severe test of our strategic planning and operational command ability . The future war not only puts forward higher update requirements to military command personnel, but also put forward higher requirements to measure the success of the commanders. On political and moral character requires more loyalty to obey orders. Ask for a more strategic thinking and more flexible on the strategic command. Commanders are required for profound knowledge and widely coverage. Physical and mental qualities required the adaptable ability and strong fighting spirit. This paper summarized the knowledge of the above several aspects, and analysis by military command study, psychology and behavioral science, sum up three illiteracies how to measure military commanders’ success, in order to clarify military personnel training path.

The main line of modern warfare is to transport and use information. Forces on battlefield are complex. The situation is multi-dimensional and command decision-making is difficult. If commanders want to "map out a strategy, winning thousands of miles away" , they not only need to be able to command, management, but also should understand technology, dare to innovation, to fight. They must be able to skillfully use information, bold innovation and ability to cope with various complex battlefield environments and fully prepared to new military struggle.

Information literacy is the key to win the modern war. Throughout the world military, information war has gradually replaced the mechanization, war form become multi-dimension integrated joint operations. The whole process of the information superiority will throughout the whole field of war. In the mechanized wars, the number of equipment can decide the outcome of direction, optimizing the allocation of can change the strength contrast, foolhardy command can bring one or two battle victory. But in the information-based war, the advantage of the battlefield is accomplished by information security.In the first modern war stressing efficiency, winning power equal to the information superiority.Commander control of real-time, accurate battlefield information, through the scientific, careful analysis and processing, make reasonable command decision is the key to win the battle.The war in Iraq, Iraq force compared to the disparity of the two parties is forcing the Iraq debacle because on one hand, but in such a short time, to get at the expense of the tiny great military and political benefits, the main reason is that benefit from the information advantage on the battlefield.The formation of the situation fully proves that the "information advantage decided advantage until the global" war battlefield scientific [2] .
At present, such as the us and UK military powers in the world, in the continuous development of high...

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