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Once upon a time in a land far far away stood a kingdom surrounded by an enchanted magical forest. This small kingdom was run by a fair king and queen with a beautiful daughter named Abigale. As her parents grew old, Abigale knew she would have to take the throne as she was the only royal child. As much as she longed to be a normal girl exploring the forest and eating spaghetti with her fingers, she was raised to never run in her nice clothes and to always use a fork and knife. Obeying her father came naturally as she prepared to take the crown. Memorizing royal documents and learning to speak in front of people was the easy part. But when she was told she would be marrying the man of her ...view middle of the document...

The forest wasn’t always a scary place. When Abigale was little she used to be play among the trees that danced in the wind and the birds who sang. All the children did. But as times changed the evil witches tried taking over the entire land, but where banished to the outlying forest. The forest was black, but Abigale wasn’t afraid. She possessed the courage of a leader as she ventured farther into the thick woods. So many things flashing through her mind before she realized she was lost. Panicking, she ran. She ran until her legs could not carry her anymore, she collapsed in a deep sleep from the exhaustion of the day.
Waking up in the morning with a clearer mind, she knew she had been silly. Running away from a problem is not the way to fix it and she knew that, she also knew that no matter what she had done her father would not rest until she was found. Feeling hungry, princess Abigale started to venture from the place she had fallen in search of food.
Meanwhile, back in the kingdom the King and Queen ordered search parties. Stories of what the witches could do circled the people so no one wanted to go far. Abigale’s mother didn’t seem terribly worried, and that was because she knew things that no one—not even Abigale knew. Years before the witch rebellion, the queen’s best friend was a witch. She was a good witch, and before she left the city she cast a spell on Abigale that gave her the ability to talk to the woodland creatures. Little did either of them know this would be a life changing ability.
The woods were so silent you could hear a pin drop a mile away, maybe that’s why Abigale heard the distant sound of someone crying. Her first instinct was to find what was crying, and then she wouldn’t be alone. Coming across a little pond she saw a little animal, it was a rabbit. She would have completely ignored the little animal it wasn’t for the fact that she could distinctively hear it saying one little word. “Why.” Carefully observing the rabbit, she walked up and said “what seems to be the matter?” It was unclear who jumped higher; the rabbit or the princess when the rabbit jumped up on his back paws and bowed and addressed her as “your highness.” Abigale stood there trying to not only understand how this rabbit knew her royalty, but how she could understand what it was saying. The rabbit went on to explain the story of her mother and her witch best friend, even being news to Abigale she believed him. He introduced himself as “Mani Rabbit” and explained his situation. He and his human best friend had been handed over to an evil witch by Eddie’s evil brother Luke, everyone thought they died in a tragic boating accident. “But I escaped, barely. As she stepped out to forever enclose us in the tiny cottage, my human threw me out the window and I managed to get away. I promised to find him help. You have to help us!” She didn`t dare mention that she was to marry this horrible man. As the heir to the throne, it is my duty to help a...

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