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Happiness And Freedom Come At A Price

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Happiness and Freedom come at a Price

Brave New World is a story which depicted life run by the government or “World State.” The World State has developed an ideal way to limit the imagination and freedom of its citizens. The novel began in the “Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre” where humans were bred, classified to a career, and exposed to training in which will suit their predestined careers. After the introduction, Aldous Huxley introduced Bernard Marx, who followed the protocol as society prescribed, but broke the law by thinking independently. He and his friend Helmholtz Watson met up. They both felt they were different somehow in society. As the novel continued Bernard and a woman named Lenina Crowne continued to plan a trip to a reservation. Bernard needed permission to go on the trip so he went to the Director of the hatchery. The Director said that Bernard’s behavior had been unacceptable and he would relocate Bernard if it did not change. While on the reservation Bernard met John. John unknowingly was the son of the Director of the hatchery. Before John was born, his mother, Linda, was on the reservation. One day she fell and injured herself a few hunters from the tribe found her and took her in as a member. She had already been pregnant with John. John learned how to read in the village and he had a special fondness for Shakespearian works. Bernard took John and Linda back to meet the Director. Linda recognized the Director as John’s father, and confessed that John was his son. Because women do not have children in the World State this was embarrassing and dishonorable. John became famous leading to Bernard’s own fame. However, when Bernard threw a party in which important members of society attended, John would not leave his room. John was enraged at this new society. Later Linda died and he went on a rampage, he called everyone slaves of the government and started a fight. Bernard and Helmholtz were then sent away from London to separate islands. John moved to a lighthouse where he could live alone and be free from society. However, he found he could not escape it so he hung himself.

Bernard Marx was the citizen whom the World State feared. He showed human traits that were supposed to be expunged while in the hatchery. He wanted to be popular and John gave him that opportunity. However, John took it away as quick as he gave it to Bernard. Bernard thought to himself an action which eventually got him relocated. John was the main protagonist in Brave New World. His character linked the “savage” world to the engineered world. He was the catalyst who pointed out the flaws in the system and acted upon them. Mustapha Mond is the main...

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