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Happiness And Sunshine Essay

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What is happiness? Is it just a sense of well-being and joy? Happiness is more than just an emotion; it is also a state of mind and being. Happiness is a term that has different meaning for every person and can involve many different aspects of life. It is often used as a subject for many different types of popular culture, ranging from movies to songs. Songs are a medium that often features topics such as searching for happiness and their opinion of the true meaning of happiness. The song "The Sound of Sunshine Going Down" by Michael Franti and Spearhead is one such song. This song is a medium to express to the audience Franti and Spearhead's meaning of happiness.
This song is a piece of popular culture that represents happiness due to the use of certain words and phrases in the lyrics of the song. One line that features words that represent happiness is, "And that's the sound of sunshine coming down" with the use of the phrase "sunshine coming down". Sunshine, clouds, and the sun are images that are often associated with bright and joyful emotions such as happiness, the additional words "coming down" implies that happiness is reaching for them, that there is something that is making them happy. Another line that illustrates happiness is, "I want to go where the summer never ends" through utilizing the phrase, "summer never ends". Summer is the season that is most often associated with joy, fun, and happiness, through using that phrase, Franti and Spearhead are singing about going to a place, whether spiritually or physically, full of joy and happiness.
Franti and Spearhead's definition of happiness, according to the song, is that happiness comes from love and healthy relationships and that money has no substantial effect on a person's level of happiness. The first part of their definition of happiness is illustrated through a few phrases within the song, an important one being the phrase, "You're the one I wanna be with when the sun goes down." Through this line, Franti and Spearhead meant to convey the message that the relationships a person makes and holds with people are what supports them through difficult times, the moments when "the sun goes down" in their lives. Another line from the song that illustrates their first half of the definition as well as the second half is, "they can take away my job but not my friends." This line portrays the message that while money can buy many things in life, it cannot buy true happiness, which is, by their definition, love and friendship. It also shows that social economic status does not determine your level of happiness.
The certain group that this definition is contextual with is the working middle class. This song is about finding happiness for those who are suffering through the unhappiness, depression, and stress that can come from the responsibilities of having a job and worrying about making enough money to support one's self. Many people, especially in today's economy, are currently...

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