Happiness Doesn’t Depend On Marriage Essay

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These days people seem to think that marriage is the only way to be committed to someone. That people who gets married will be happier than those who don’t. It seems like they are saying that the normal thing to do if you want to have a family is to get married, and that people who have a family without marriage or those who had a divorce are wrong and/or bad parents. Whether or not someone wants to get married or divorced should be completely up to them, as no one knows their situation better than they do.
There are a lot of reasons why people get married, having kids should not be a reason for people to get married. Although this is a common reason why people get married, it doesn’t ...view middle of the document...

Having kids should not be a reason for someone to be stuck in an unhappy or unhealthy marriage. Although this is a common reason why people don’t get divorce, it can be even more unhealthy for the kids if their parents stay in an unhappy marriage. For example, when the parents are unhappy or if they fight a lot, it is very unhealthy for the kids both mentally and physically. Parents that fights a lot creates a lot of stress on their kids, and might affect them in their personal life and educational life, which will affect their future both financially and emotionally. Moreover, kids with negative or difficult home environment have a higher chance of having depression, which can lead to other issues in their life, such as with drug problems, or maybe even something worse. This is why parents should consider getting a divorce if they are unhappy with their marriage. Happiness is the key to a good childhood. If the parents think that getting a divorce is the only way to make them happy, then they should do it. In his essay "Did I Miss Something?" Lowell Putnam say “ The safest environment for me was to be with one happy parent at a time, instead of two miserable ones all the time.” (Putnam 423). This is true, the happier and healthier you are the happier and healthier your kids will be. Regardless on how other people will judge them, parents should first and foremost think and make the decision for the happiness of their family.
Like a divorce, cohabitation also have a bad reputation as a sign of bad parenting. Cohabitation is known to some people to create a bad environment for the kids. This depends on the situation of the family. Cohabitation is not always bad for kids. Again, just because people have kids, doesn’t mean that they should get married. Not all people that have cohabiting homes are the same. Some families are completely happy having a cohabiting home. For example, when the mom or dad are happy in a cohabiting relationship, there are a more likely chance that their kids will be happier too. As long as the parents are happy and are treating their children right, any kind of relationship will be better. What creates a stable environment for kids are no the tittle “marriage”, instead it is the kind of relationship they have with their parents and family and how happy and healthy their home is. It doesn’t matter what people think of them, as long as they are happy, thats when they know they have made the right decision.
A lot of people seem to think that a marriage will fix everything in the relationship. This is not true, and does not mean that when people gets married, they will suddenly become nicer or become better parents. Marriage doesn’t change people’s personality. For example, if someone is a bad parent before they got married or during their cohabiting relationship, getting married will not change the fact that they are still bad parents. Bad people will still be bad, wether they got married or not. Same goes with good...

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