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Happiness, Health And Economy: Three Strongly Related Elements Of Religious Faith

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Before presenting an introduction of how different faiths interact within our lives I will briefly discuss what faith is. According to Hebrews 11:1 “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” In general terms, faith is to believe in something we are not able to see, but know to be true. Briefly and objectively stated, a religious faith would be the belief of a superior existence that oversees the natural world. You may have a better or different description of what religious faith is, but it will definitely follow the roots of this description. However, even though faith’s description is not affected by acquiring a different religion, the type of faith an individual will follow won’t retain the same characteristics. For example, Judaism “unlike the Christian-Catholic view of God” (BBC-Jewish beliefs) does not divide God into different persons. One could argue that the faith still retains some similarities, and even though it is true it is also important to consider that a different religion would consistently affect the activities of the person involved.
If one where to research about religion then one could find all about the differences and similarities between religions, which are the key that will let us explain religious faiths’ effects in our lives. Judaism has a strong sense of community. They believe to have been chosen by God to follow His commandments and live an ethically fulfilling life. Because of this “the Jewish prayer book uses WE and OUR in prayers where some other faiths would use I and MINE.” (BBC 8) This does not only imply their proximity with God, but also their proximity within their community, friends, and especially family. Similarly, Latter-Day-Saints, also known as Mormons, follow God’s commandments and strive to live a fulfilled life while following gospel teachings. The avoidance of certain substances is required because we follow the word of wisdom. I have been a member for all my life and even though I know there are differences between the sects I must also accept some key principles remain. However, it is not the same for all religions. For example, most religions that claim to have a high moral and ethic standard may be doing so only to portray a righteous image to their public. A 2008 study ran by “The Tablet magazine [proved that] 82% of people [in England] are familiar with the Church's [sexual] moral teachings but more than half of 18-45 year olds still cohabit before marriage.” (Peter 28) This is a great indicator that religious faith could have lower values within a specific religion that, even though claims to be following a principle, is actually denying it. It could also imply that activities such as prayer or church attendance are being ignored and this could prove to have greater effects than we believe. You may be wondering why would these neglected principles have any impact in your personal progress, but you would be surprised at the huge implication this imposes....

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