Happiness In A Nutshell Essay

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Society tells us that in order to be happy you need to have an exuberant amount of both money and things, yet when you acquire them its leaves you empty and wanting more. For myself, I feel there are three things needed to be live a good life; good friends, good memories, and trying to live life with no regrets. Now I’m not saying that money isn't important, because it is, but only to an extent. In the end money can never bring true, long lasting happiness.
The reason why money can’t bring true happiness is simple, money is temporary. How can a non-permanent thing bring everlasting happiness when it cannot even solidify its own value? Monies worth changes every second and yet wanting to be happy is a constant. So from the aspect of happiness it seems like superfluous thing. That why, I think, good friends are more valuable than mere money.
There is a difference between a friend and a good friend though. A friend can be just as disposable as money. They can leech your time and the already belittling money that you have, and then disappear without a trace or worse, in an awful spout that can lead to other repercussions. A good friend on the other hand leads to a friendship that is much more valuable. They are forged, hand crafted, designed to last years on end and sometimes a lifetime. They are unique and different for everyone, and can change how someone does views something and even what they do or say. It can influence everyday actions even long after that friend leaves, if they ever do. Beyond that there are bonds that are made and someone can feel comfortable around a good friend. They even become part of the daily routine and add a blip of joy to the everyday situation. Although one of the one thing that makes a good friendship superior over money is that they last, and there value can only increase as time goes on. So for the same reason that money falls short, friendships excel. Good friends aren't expendable and the friendships made can span cross country or even across oceans. The best of bonds last longer than most things we can acquire, and the memories made become just as valuable.
Though friend can come and go memories last a life time, or so they say and in some cases it’s very true. Memories that last are a combination of the highlights and low-lights of a lifetime. They are instances in time that shall never come around again. So different they are just as unique as the crystalline formations of a snowflake...

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