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Happiness Is A Lifestyle Essay

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“Jotting down just five things you're grateful for every day can lead to a healthier mental state…” Or at least this is what Julian Kesner from Prevention Magazine wrote in an article from 2008. Although happiness is something which is not yet measureable by science, most people would agree to experiencing happiness one or more times throughout their lives. Some people may even say they live in a state of happiness. Even though happiness is a relative state, people should follow through with the practice of being happy because happiness helps to keep people healthy, wealthy, and successful.
There is no denying that there is a direct correlation between being happy and being healthy. There ...view middle of the document...

D., says that “Happy people have better moods, which means they make better decisions and feel able to rise to greater challenges.” This statement suggests that happy people are more prone to being wealthy, because better decisions brings about better circumstances and a more direct route to being successful and wealthy. When the word wealth is used most people think of monetary wealth, but if the topic is happiness then other forms of wealth are to be considered as well. Wealth could be something tangible, such as money, things, or even a well-deserved promotion. However, wealth could also be things that make you feel enriched on an intangible level, such as time to spend with your family or the freedom to make your own choices with your future or success.
Being healthy and wealthy is a great way to prepare for future or present success. There is a lot of speculation on what exactly creates or defines success, but most people know success once it is achieved. Many people believe success is measured by the happiness that is given to others. Many other people believe success is measured by successful experiences they have achieved. No matter how success is measured happiness seems to play a major role. In a recent interview with Arizona resident, Joseph Gardner, he had this to say about how happiness helped him create success, “[It] took moving away from everything I knew and building my own life before I could be happy. Once I felt secure on my own that is when the successes began coming into my life” (Gardner). Moving away may not always be an...

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