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Happiness Is Good Life Essay

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We might not have the same opinions, paths, and ways of living; but we all, millions of people around the world, share the same purpose of life: Being able to say “I am having a good life!” What we mean by “good life” is living in pure happiness and having a wonderful peace of mind. The difference between us is that each one of us chooses a different way in his pursuit of happiness. Some find it in stability with a big house, a family, and a good paying job. Some find it in adventure and wildness, travel, and taking risks. While others don’t really have specific criteria or an organized plan, they just believe that happiness comes with living each day as if it was the last, with no worries ...view middle of the document...

Both put a smile on their faces each day, but only the first one’s is a true smile.So if I had to change Bukowski’s quote I would rather say “Find what you love, and let it revive you.”
Speaking of myself, I believe that the secret behind maintaining a good life simply lies in being able to do anything that pleases me, no matter what the consequences are and regardless of who might disagree with it. What will happen to me during my journey is a result of my decisions and acts. As long as they were all by my choice, I should assume my responsibilities. During my whole life, I have been obedient to society’s standards, parents’ rules, and tradition’s instructions. Of course, I had had a pleasant life with all the needs a person may ask for, but I never felt the true happiness until one day in my first semester at the university. To explain more; I was first an engineering and management student, I followed the society’s standard in how an engineer is one of the best professions a person can have, and I also followed my parents’ wish; which is them seeing their child as a person who would make them proud for holding the title of an engineer. As studies began, I never felt it was the right thing for me, so I started waking up every morning with hate towards my life. That is when I decided to change everything and live my life according to my choices and desires, so I changed my major to international studies. Certainly, it was a hard decision to make, knowing that it will be a disappointment to my parents and my entourage as a whole, but that was the first time when I felt as I finally have control over my own life.
In addition to that, having a clear mind of any worries or regrets before going to sleep is paradise. For me, it all comes with being able to accept that life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies, and having the strength and willingness to overcome all the hardships when life shows us its dark...

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