Happiness Is Not For Sale Essay

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Every parent wants the best for their children. For this some parents work too much and focus on making a lot of money to suit their families’ needs. But not thousands, millions or billions of dollars can compare to the happiness that people feel when they are surrounded with the love of their parents, especially young children. Crisanta Sampang had a different way of thinking, which I inferred from reading her story in her article “Trading Motherhood for Dollars”. However, she is not alone. Many parents work too much, and stay away from their children just to give them the best life.
First, what most parents don’t understand is that the best way to gain their children’s love is by being present. There are many cases of families that have a lot of money, these parents have the possibility of giving their children anything they want, but in most cases, this comes with a high cost. Working to much and not being present in their kid’s daily life. As a result, these kids end up being resentful and angry to their parents for choosing money over them. “Not so, says Maricar, my middle child, of the present: “Me, I would never leave my kids to work in a foreign country. I can’t imagine my child crying alone in the middle of the night because I’m not...

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