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Happiness Is The Ultimate Goal Essay

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How much a person will risk out of their life in order to reach their goals? According to research dome on this topic, people will sacrifice things like their education, their valuable time, pride, and even the very important relationships they had with their family members. It takes of hard work and dedication to reach any goal that you may have, but risking the above are some of ultimate extents that people will go to I order to be blissful.
In the novel, Count Down by Steve Olson, the kids that are on the team competing in the world’s toughest math competitions have to train for incredible amounts of time and go to great extents in order to reach the final round of this competition. They have to dedicate their life to this Olympiad if they want to be the best of the best. Another example of sacrificing time to reach your goals is shown in the article titled “The First State Fair” by Clay Coppedge. In the article, Henry Kinney was planning to build the first state fair in Texas. As you can imagine, this took years to plan and prepare Kinney had to drop a lot of time out of his life in order have the fair perfected. Sacrificing time in order to do something is not what most people these days are willing to do. They are indolent and mostly “do not have any time.” Because of this, many people are not pleased with their lives and do not seem to be satisfied with anything that takes up time. Dedicating time into reaching your goals is very crucial in reaching them.

Enduring meaningful things that are a part of your family or something greater in life is not facile for most people. Although in some cases, it must be done. In the article “William Travis’ Ring” by Martha Deeringer, William B. Travis had to sacrifice his cat’s eye ring that was given to him by his father. This family relic meant very much to Travis, but in order to reach his final ambition of dying peacefully, he had to make certain that his ring was in good hands. In the movie October Sky, directed by Joe Johnston, Homer Hickam dreamed of getting a college scholarship through the national science fair by constructing a model rocket. His pride was at first very important to him, because he was redoubtable about not being accepted by his peers. Homer didn’t know much about rocketry, so he decided to talk to the “nerdy”...

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