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Liberal Studies Module 3
Assignment 3a
Name: Li Chak Yin Owen Class: 3A Class no. 15
Name: Chow Tsz Kin Tommy Class: 3A Class no.: 6
Enquiry title:
Is it useful for students to attend tutorial class outside school?
Description of the enquiry title:
Nowadays, students always attend tutorial class outside school after school to improve their academic results. The tutorial school always use their star teachers to attract students to study in their school. However, is tutorial class really helping student to improve their academic results? Students are spending a lot of money to attend those classes, but can they receive improvements in academic results? In this study, I would like to study about can we put an equal sign for attending tutorial class and improvement in academic results. Moreover, I’d like to study about should students believe and join the tutorial class outside school.
1. To find out the reasons for students to attend tutorial class
2. To find out if tutorial class has be a trend in today’s society
3. To find out if students can improve their academic results through joining these tutorial class
4. To find out if there is any way to improve academic results apart from joining tutorial class
Focused questions:
1. Why students attend tutorial calls outside school?
2. Is there a lot of students attending tutorial class outside school?
3. Can students learn extra knowledge in those tutorial classes which are not taught in school?
4. Are there any improvements in student’s academic result?
5. Do parents think that their money is well-spent?
6. Are there more ways that can improve academic result?

Interviewee 1: teachers in school
Reasons Normally, students will take normal education in school. We would like to find out what are the opinions of the teachers in school about their students spending extra time and money to learn outside school.
Interview Questions 1. How many students you know have attended tutorial class (roughly)
2. What do you think about tutorial class?
3. If you have children, will you let your children to attend tutorial class outside school? Why?
4. Do you think it’s effective in enhancing students’ academic performance?
5. Do you know any other ways to improve students results other than attending tutorial class outside school?

Interviewee 2: Teacher of tutorial class outside school
Reasons As the enquiry title is about tutorial class outside school, we would like to find out how the teachers who are actually teaching in those tutorial school think about the effectiveness and efficiency of improving students’ academic result
Interview Questions (Use Q2 to Q4 of interviewee 1)
1. Do you think that Hong Kong students spend too much time on tutorial class?
2. What do you think is the best way to improve students’ academic result? Why?
3. Do you teach things outside the scope of school eduction?

Interviewee 3: Students( who attend tutorial class outside...

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