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‘Happy Cows’ And ‘Real Cheese’: An Examination Of California’s Dairy Industry. This Essay Is An Informative Persuasive Essay.

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'Happy Cows' and 'Real Cheese':An Examination of California's Dairy IndustryWhen a person thinks California, 'Cow' is not generally the first thought that comes to mind. California is, however, a leader in the dairy industry. California dairy farms are the reason for the periodic curdled milk stench that intrudes upon many-a-road trip. Since the release of the 'Real Cheese' campaign: "Real cheese comes from happy cows: happy cows come from California", the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) created an 80 percent growth among the generic milk and cheese industry (Gilroy). Although at the surface of things the dairy industry seemingly benefited from the Real Cheese campaign, under the surface, the means by which the benefits were derived were deceptive; the campaign itself is based on the false claims that California cows are actually happy and that real cheese only comes from California; the commercial marketing for the campaign, therefore, is false.The marketing campaign is indeed a catchy one, but how realistic is it? Although advertisements for the real cheese campaign are centralized on California and its California cows, the commercials for the campaigns were actually shot in New Zealand with New Zealand Cows. If the ad campaign is in support of the California dairy industry, then why did all of the commercial shoots take place in New Zealand? Considering California is well known as the hot spot of the film industry, it is especially strange that the commercials were decidedly shot at such a far destination. The advertisement campaign undoubtedly used New Zealand as the film location in order to obtain a certain California look, and for some ironic reason that particular California look was obtained in New Zealand (The Deadline). If the campaigners for the California Milk Advisory Board really did believe that California cows are happy, why then would they use New Zealand cows to depict such happiness?The first focal deception point of the real cheese campaign slogan is the claim that 'real cheese comes from California'. The California Milk Advisory Board developed the competitive edge that was put on the California dairy industry well before the real cheese campaign was even in the picture. In order to compete with the other dairy industries, the California Milk Advisory Board rebutted Wisconsin cheese advertisements with the "Angler Fish" commercial spot: "an angler claims that the biggest fish are caught simply using California cheese, while a tiny one was baited with a product from out of state" ("Hot Spot: California Milk Advisory Board"). The competitive edge against other state's cheeses that the CMAB created rapidly increased over the years. Eventually, the CMAB came out with the real cheese campaign that not only emphasized that California has better cheese than other industries, but it also related that California cheese is real, thus implying that cheese from elsewhere is not real. If real cheese comes from California,...

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